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Behind the scenes of Level 1 SuperUnknown

      Two members of the J Team, Audrey Friess and Justin "Juice" Kennedy, made the cut this year...

by Tyler Zibkowski · May 25, 2023

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Spring Team Callouts

Oh you though ski season was over? Think again! There is no off-season for the J team of shre...

Tyler Zibkowski · May 01, 2023

R&D Survey Results

See the results from our annual R&D survey!

Tyler Zibkowski · Apr 26, 2023

Win J skis

Ultimate quiver giveaway winner announced Friday, August 4th...

Taylor Bibaud · Apr 25, 2023

Pain McShlonkey Recap

  The Annual Pain McShlonkey Classic brought ski bladers from every corner of the earth together...

Tyler Zibkowski · Apr 18, 2023


  CONGRATULATIONS Audrey Friess, Justin "Juice" Kennedy, and returning winner Mat Dufresne for m...

Tyler Zibkowski · Apr 18, 2023

ZIPIT! Behind the scenes

Crashes, bloopers, outtakes and DIY instructions to build your own!

Tyler Zibkowski · Apr 06, 2023

ZIPIT! World's first modular ski system using zippers

[ OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE ] For the 2023/24 winter season J skis is releasing to the public an ...

Tyler Zibkowski · Apr 01, 2023

Level 1 Rail Jam Tour

Check out the recap videos from the first 4 tour stops now!

Tyler Zibkowski · Mar 07, 2023

J Team Pow Slayers!

Check out some of my favorite powder shots from the world wide web! The pow fever has been sweep...

Tyler Zibkowski · Feb 27, 2023