Catastrophe skibladezzz available right meow!Catastrophe skibladezzz available right meow!


These one-of-a-kind works of art are the fastest-selling graphics of the season. Once they're gone, they're gone!

JSkis Thing!JSkis Thing!
JSkis Thing!JSkis Thing!
JSkis Thing!JSkis Thing!


Here are just a few of the dozen amazing artists we collaborated with from around the world to create this season's mind-blowing graphics

Alex Voinea

Internationally recognized artist Alex Voinea was born in Romania, but left after the revolution and now practices his craft out of a studio in Spain. He does a lot of traveling, exhibiting his artwork at shows throughout the world. Alex aims to capture a vibrant and colorful moment in his artwork, thus has become a master of a unique technique to create one-of-a-kind art by actually pouring paint from a can. He uses precise, smooth and effortless movements that appear very freeform, but are extremely calculated to create the exact look he’s going for.

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Alyssa Parsons & Uncle Mike

Alyssa Parsons is part radical skier, part 69 year old grandpa (aka Uncle Mike), part comedian, architect, fashion model and way more, but I’ll stop here. No seriously, all of that is actually true! Despite her long list of accolades, Alyssa’s best trick has always been to keep skiing weird. Alyssa, along with her alter ego “Uncle Mike”, are some of the rowdiest skiers I know, throwing down on cliffs and destroying pow from coast to coast. Don’t let her impressive stomps fool you though, Alyssa is always having more fun than anyone on the hill, and her antics make sure everyone else has fun too.

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David Hale

In the ten years we’ve been making skis, we’ve collaborated with David Hale more than any other artist. This is our fifth collaboration together. I can’t help it, each one just keeps getting better, and our fans continue to ask for more. David is a legend in the tattoo industry, and now even more known for his paintings, prints and large-scale murals.

David spent much of his childhood outside exploring and inside drawing. As he says, spirits spoke to him along the banks of the muddy creek where he grew up, and he found his best response to be the art made with his hands. Today, he works out of a small, repurposed barn next to his family’s woodland cottage on a creek in Athens, Georgia.

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