Here's just a few of the dozen amazing artists we collaborated with from around the world to create this season's mind blowing graphics

José Rodriguez III

It was amazing to watch José bring this insane new ski graphic to life. We reached out to this West Seattle artist with an inspiration of Japanese sleeve tattoo art in hopes he could utliize the entire canvas of our widest ski, "The Friend". He sent us a variety of pencil sketches and together we landed on this layout. He then went to work spending many days applying the incredible details and layers of color by brush and oil paint on a full ski size canvas to create this mind blowing finished piece.

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Matt Stikker

It's been way insanely fun working with Matt to create this ridiculously delicious graphic! Why donuts you ask? Because breakfast is everyone's favorite meal of the day and everyone loves donuts! Little know fact: donuts themselves are actually a meal themselves too! They're classified as one of the 3 main food groups ya know, look it up on the pyramid.

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Chris Crossen

Being a skier, Chris was super hyped for the opportunity to design a ski graphic so we got right to work. We schemed the vibe looking out over the fading horizon lines of the surrounding peaks on a crisp clear day in the Green Mountains of Vermont, or during summers at Mt. Hood and in the hills around Truckee where Chris lives. Chris got to work capturing this vibe in his magic watercolors, painting a handful of different ranges. Then Fank, our designer scanned them and digitally stacked them up the length of the ski.

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We completely re-designed "The Masterblaster" widening it to 99mm and increasing tip rocker for an even bigger sweet spot. YOU gain the same responsive, rebellious frontside attitude you’ve come to expect, with enhanced soft snow versatility and playfulness!

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