When choosing a binding there are two main things you should consider:

1) DIN #:

DIN is the scale of the force release setting on your bindings. It is important to have the appropriate DIN for your height, weight and ability level to ensure they are safe!

These suggestions are mostly based on weight, but your ability level is something to keep in mind. If you are unsure as to which binding is right for you please email your height, weight and ability level to info@jskis.com and we will get back to you with a recommendation.

If you weigh under 160 lbs = choose DIN 12 or less
Marker Squire 11
Look Pivot 12

If you weigh between 160-220 lbs = choose DIN 12-14
Marker Griffon 13
Look Pivot 14

If you weigh over 220 lbs or are a pro = choose DIN 15+
Look Pivot 15
Look Pivot 18


Your brakes need to be wide enough to fit over your skis, but you don't want brakes that are too wide otherwise they will catch on the snow. Use the information below to choose the correct brake size for your skis.

95mm brake = Joyride, Fastforward, Masterblaster, Allplay
115mm brake = Escalator, Vacation, Hotshot, Slacker, Friend

90mm brake = Joyride, Fastforward
100mm brake = Masterblaster, Allplay, Escalator
110mm brake = Vacation, Hotshot, Slacker
120mm brake = Friend

Compatibility Key
5355A - Standard Alpine Bootsole
9523 GW - Grip Walk Outsole Compatible, Rocker Boot Board Compatible
13992 - Alpine touring binding standard - Tech Inserts Required

NOTE: If you don't prefer a specific binding brand I would use the information above to decide what will work best for you because in my opinion Look and Marker make the best high performance bindings on the market! If you already prefer a specific brand that I don't offer then go for those! My skis will work awesome with any standard bindings.