R&D Survey Results

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We asked... you answered! Over 6,000 skiers chimed in to give their thoughts and help me figure out the future of our skis. Thanks for the help! 

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where people mostly ski

It's no surprise that our East Coasters are here to represent! Our homies in the Rockies are here to play as well. More interestingly though, the Midwest has shown up with a nice chunk of the pie (red)! Props to all the sub-500ft vertical skiers out there making it happen 🤙🏼


 It's good to get confirmation that our 9 model lineup covers over 90% of the market that you guys ski! The other 10% of you rocking skis narrower than 90mm, we hear you loud and clear.

 my preferred ski length is

If you've ever wondered why we don't make really short (other than skibladezzz) or really long skis, this is why!


I spend most of my time skiing this terrain

Only 8.1% of you claim to be true park rats (unless you were too busy hiking a rail to fill this out) while nearly 80% of people ski all-mtn regularly. This is why it's super important to build skis that perform great everywhere you take them!


how old are you

Many people assume that because our graphics are so wild, we only sell to young people. This proves it's more like... young at heart! It's so awesome to see all ages represented rocking J skis.


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brand loyalty




ski durability




i buy skis every


buy skis that cost this much


i own this j skis