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The award-winning Look Pivot ski binding is the most trusted and reliable alpine binding in skiing. The new PIVOT 18 is an elite-level high-performance freeride binding with an 8-18 indicator range. The all-metal reinforced Pivot toe piece combined with the classic Pivot "turntable" heel delivers maximum power transmission, shock absorption and the longest elastic travel on the market to provide more reliable retention and consistent release. The Pivot 18 is the best ski binding for the highest level, most aggressive all-mountain, freeride and freestyle skiers. Compatible with alpine and GripWalk sole boots.

The reason I sell Look ski bindings is because these bindings enable your boot to sit closer to the snow & allow the ski to flex more naturally under foot than any other binding. You get the best snow sensitivity, precision & control and a much more natural flexing ski as I intended for optimal ski performance. Backed by durability that's second to none, there's a reason the best pros in the world count on Look.

Choosing your brake size is based on your ski width. The brake should be as close to the ski waist width as possible and no more than 10mm narrower or wider. For example a 100mm brake fits 90-110mm waist width skis.

95mm brake fits Max, Allplay, Masterblaster, Fastforward skis
115mm brake fits Vacation, Hotshot, Slacker, Friend skis

Choosing the right binding model is dependent on your weight which determines which maximum DIN # you need. For example according to the chart below people weighing up to 100 - 200 lbs / 45 - 90 kg should get a binding that goes up to 12 DIN (SPX 12 or Pivot 12). It's also common for some experts and pro skiers to choose a higher DIN # even though it's not necessary.


Look Pivot 12

Look Pivot 14
Look Pivot 15 Look Pivot 18





4 - 12

5 - 14

8 - 18
Skier Weight

100 - 200 lbs / 45 - 90 kg

150 - 250 lbs / 70 - 113 kg

175+ lbs / 80+ kg
175+ lbs / 80+ kg

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Look Pivot 18 GW