Marker F12 TOUR EPF S


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MARKER's F12 Tour EPF is ideal for skiers who want to cross over from alpine touring to resort skiing on occasion. EPF (Extended Power Frame) features a super wide connection to the ski, increased power transmission and enhancing the downhill skiing ability of this exceptional uphill climbing product. The Extended Power Frame enables you for enjoy the widest touring skis also when the terrain gets rough and sloppy. On top it makes turn initiation easier in any snow conditions.

Extended Power Frame

The power booster. The power frame delivers breath-taking performance and amazing power transfer in every condition. Recommended for skis over 88 mm.


Height-adjustable gliding plate to be compatible with alpine (ISO 5355), touring (ISO 9523) and GripWalk soles. Easy to adjust: pozi screw at the front to adjust height of gliding plate.

Hollow Tech

Our fibre-reinforced frame base plate provides impressive riding stability and is yet very light due to the gas injected hollow construction.

Additional Awesomeness

0°/7°/13° Climbing Aid - AT Hiking Function that is designed with three different positions. Hiking positions can easily be adjusted with your ski pole.

Centralized Swing Weight

Level Stand Position

No-Pull-Out Screws - These screws help lock the bindings on the ski, preventing a worst case scenario situation. 

Marker F12 TOUR EPF S Reviews

Marker F12 TOUR EPF S