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Marker Griffon 13 ID


The Marker Griffon 13 ID is a very high performance, reliable binding that is also convenient to use. It's intended for intermediate to pro level skiers who weight under 240lbs.

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The brake size should be close to the ski waist width, no more than 5mm narrower or 15mm wider. 

90mm fits skis: Joyride, Fastforward
100mm fits skis: Joyride, Fastforward, Allplay, Masterblaster, Escalator
110mm fits skis: Vacation, Hotshot, Slacker
120mm fits skis: Friend

The Griffon 13 ID provides the highest level of performance for intermediates up to pro level skiers with maximum reliability so you can charge harder, go bigger, and let it rip with the comfort of knowing you won’t pre-release while sending it! It Features an adjustable DIN range of 4-12 for skiers under 240lbs.

Both this Griffin and Squire bindings are engineered with wide boot contact points to enhance power transfer edge to edge and responsiveness when carving. The binding's compact length reduces swing weight for lighter spins & twists. It's modern heel makes stepping and out of the binding 35% easier, even with GripWalk soles. Unlike other brands, it also features a built in boot scraper to effortlessly clean snow and ice off the sole of your boots, so you can step in with ease every time. Marker bindings are counted on by the best pros in the world, ourselves, and soon by you!

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