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Marker Jester

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The Marker Jester ID is for the skier that is looking for a higher DIN setting and a binding that can withstand some abuse. The Jester's have more metal components than it's little brother the Griffon, making it a more durable option while giving the skiers a better feeling of what the snow conditions are.

Reasons to upgrade from the Griffon ID to the Jester ID:

• If you set your DIN's at 10 or above.

• You don't look before you leap, you just send it off cliffs. #RespectTheSend

• They match your skis better.  Seriously -- your set up has to look sick!

The Jester ID comes from Marker's Royal Family of bindings and it's wide platform makes it great for skiers that are on wider skis.  If you want a binding that will keep you locked in when you are skiing hard, fast and technical lines the Marker Jester ID is the safe and reliable option. 

Brake Size
The brake width should be as close to the ski waist width as possible and no more than 10mm narrower or wider. For example a 100mm brake fits 90-110mm waist width skis.

90mm fits skis: Whipit, Masterblaster
110mm fits skis: Allplay Vacation, Metal, Friend


Triple Pivot Elite and Gliding AFD - This toe has a unique design with a horizontally mounted spring for the ultimate energy transfer from boot to binding.

Toe Height Adjustability - The AFD moves with a turn of a screw! This makes adjusting your toe height super quick, easy and safe.

Sole ID - Any boot, any time.


Inter-Pivot Heel - For superior holding power, and preventing pre-release.

Power Width Design

This provides the ultimate power transfer to the edges of the skis, making a wider waist ski feel much quicker edge-to-edge.

Additional Awesomeness

Magnesium Components - Lightweight and incredibly strong, these magnesium parts are primed to dominate every hard charging ski run.

No-Pull-Out Screws - These screws help lock the bindings on the ski, preventing a worst case scenario situation. 

Free Ride Brake

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