Marker Baron 13 EPF

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The Marker Baron Bindings are a mid-weight AT (Alpine Touring) binding that based off of the Marker Griffon toe and heel.  The Baron is equipped with a hiking aid with 7° and 13° positions.  The locking mechanism is located underneath the boot and can only be released or engaged when a boot isn't clicked into the binding -- so you can ski safely knowing you're binding will not switch modes.  The Marker Baron doesn't have to be used solely for AT it is a solid binding for all-mountain use as well. The standing height of the Baron is 36mm vs. the Griffon that is 22mm --  being an additional 1.5cm higher off of the snow will make your skis much quicker edge to edge.  Brake width = 110mm

Extended Power Frame

EPF - Previously only found the on the Marker Duke, this design features a wider base plate that helps to increase power and energy transmission. Making a wider platform ski feel extremely quick edge-to-edge.


Triple Pivot Elite and Gliding AFD - This toe has a unique design with a horizontally mounted spring for the ultimate energy transfer from boot to binding.

Toe Height Adjustability - The AFD moves with a turn of a screw! This makes adjusting your toe height super quick, easy and safe.


Inter-Pivot Heel - For superior holding power, and preventing pre-release.

Power Width Design

This provides the ultimate power transfer to the edges of the skis, making a wider waist ski feel much quicker edge-to-edge.

Additional Awesomeness

0°/7°/13° Climbing Aid - AT Hiking Function that is designed with three different positions. Hiking positions can easily be adjusted with your ski pole.

Centralized Swing Weight

Level Stand Position

No-Pull-Out Screws - These screws help lock the bindings on the ski, preventing a worst case scenario situation. 

Marker Baron 13 EPF Reviews

Marker Baron 13 EPF
$249.00 $379.00