J skis pole size chart

If you already have poles:
Simply measure them and order the same Length or different

~ OR ~

If you don't have poles:

  1. Stand up straight wearing shoes and put your elbow in a 90* position
  2. Measure the distance from the floor to the top of your hand
  3. Add an additional 5cm / 2" to account for the fact that when you plant your pole into the snow, approximately 5"cm / 2" of the tip will be down beneath the snow. The total is the length you should order.


  • It's ok to choose longer or shorter based on personal preference or terrain you often ski.
  • If you ski more firm snow or park terrain = You can choose a shorter length
  • If you ski more powder = You can decide to choose longer to make up for the length of pole that sinks down into the snow.

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