Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of flex is best for me?

Think about the way you prefer the ski to feel...

If you prefer a POWERFUL feeling ski then you should get a stiffer flex for a smooth stable feel when skiing fast & going big. Skis like the Masterblaster, Fastforward, Slacker, Friend and Hotshot are stiffer and more powerful.

If you prefer a PLAYFUL feeling ski then you should get a softer flex for a more forgiving, looser, buttery feel for casual skiing or tricks. Skis like the Allplay and Vacation are softer and more playful.

Remember, if you aren't sure which ski is right for you than you can either fill out our ski finder HERE >>, shoot us an email to or call (802) 585-1098 and a skier on our team would be happy to help find the best ski for you!

What width ski should I buy?

When considering width, think about the terrain you realistically ski the most. Narrower skis are going to be better for firmer snow whereas wider skis are going to be better for softer snow and powder. 

If you mostly ski on HARD SNOW you should probably get a ski under 100mm wide like the Allplay >> or Masterblaster >>.

If you mostly ski on SOFT SNOW or in powder you should probably get a ski over 100mm wide like the Vacation >> or Hotshot >>.

Remember, personal preference is always a factor here! If you are having trouble choosing the right ski be sure to shoot us an email to or give us a call at (802) 585-1098. 

Is there any way to compare all your skis?

Of course! You can compare all of my skis HERE >>

What length ski should I buy?

Our general rule of thumb is that if you like the size of your current skis you will probably want to order a similar J skis size. Remember, when you're buying skis, 2-3 cm longer or shorter is not going to make a huge difference so you should just go with the closest option.

Size is ultimately personal preference, however generally new skiers use shorter sizes as they are easier to control and require less work to turn. More advanced skiers often use longer skis, even taller than the skiers actual height.

A longer ski will be faster, and offer more float in powder. Shorter skis are easier to turn, especially in tight spaces like trees and moguls.

That being said you may end up wanting to go longer or shorter based on your previous experience. You should check out our Ski Size Chart HERE >> for more tips and information to help you out. Lastly remember if you're still not sure what the right size is please don't hesitate to send us an email to or give us a call at (802) 585-1098 

Can you make smaller or larger ski sizes?

As we grow in the coming years we'll do our best to continue adding shorter & longer ski lengths. 

In the meantime we only have the sizes listed per model HERE >>

Which binding is right for me?

When buying bindings, there are two main things to consider: the DIN range and the brake width.

Marker bindings like the Squire and Griffon have a more plastic construction and a fixed heel piece. This makes them a bit lighter, and easier to click into in deep snow.

Look Pivots have a heel piece that spins and the lowest stand height of any binding on the market. Pivots also have a more metal construction for increased durability. The spinning heel piece allows the force of an impact or release to diffuse throughout the whole binding. Having a lower stand height increases the power transfer into the ski.

Brake width for J skis:
Max: 95mm or 100mm 

Allplay: 95mm or 100mm

Masterblaster: 95mm or 100mm 

Vacation: 100mm or 115mm

Hotshot: 110mm or 115mm

Slacker: 110mm or 115mm

Friend: 115mm or 120mm 

If you are still unsure or have any questions about a specific binding please send us an email to or give us a call at (802) 585-1098

Other Common Questions

What's the Deal with shipping, J?

US orders $49 and over ship for free, orders for less than that are charged $6 for shipping.

Canadian orders $65 CAD and over ship for free, and we cover customs fees and taxes for you. Below $65 you would also be charged $6.

International shipping cost is a flat rate of $200 for all orders and arrives in 7-10 days after it is shipped. Believe it or not we are actually charging you less than UPS charges us to ship skis from the US to International locations. We recommend ordering smaller items like clothing at the same time as higher priced items like skis so you only pay for shipping once.

Learn more about shipping HERE >>

Are there any financing options for J skis?

Yes, we do offer financing for US customers through our partnership with Bread®. Get the ski you want now & split the cost into 3, 6, or 12 monthly payments! Payment options are available for up to 6 months at 0% APR pending soft credit approval.  Learn more here.

Can I demo J skis before i buy them?s make skis?

Since we sell our skis online and ship them directly to you we don’t have very many J demo center locations... BUT, we have partnered with a few premier ski shops so if you are in their neck of the woods you can try out some J's before you buy them! CLICK HERE to see the full list of Demo Centers. 

These shops also offer additional discounts on bindings & mounting & other products exclusive to J ski customers, which you can check out here! That said don't forget if you can't try them before buying, we have a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!!

How do I change the product size after ordering?

Immediately email or call (802) 585-1098 with your order number and tell us what product & size you'd like to change. 

Please keep in mind that in certain situations we may not be able to complete your request, and in the event we can, changing your order may delay shipment

Can you pre-mount bindings to skis before you ship?

Nope, unfortunately we can not pre-mount bindings. As such you will need to bring the skis, bindings and your boots to your local ski shop to get them mounted up & adjusted!

Where should I mount my bindings?

For the best all mountain performance mount your skis at the factory recommended mounting point. The recommended mounting point for every pair of J skis is marked by a dimple in the topsheet and a sticker labeled as "Boot Center". 

However, if you prefer a more forward mount location for better park and trick performance you can mount it as you wish and they will ski great! We have found that mounting half way between the recommended mount point and true center will give you the best freestyle performance and feel. You should only mount at true center if you have skied true center before and plan on spending almost all of your time in the park, otherwise you will be better off mounting halfway between center and recommended. 

Scroll down on any ski page to see the specs and mounting point information of the model you're looking at.

Always be sure to use a 3.5 x 9.5 bit when mounting your bindings.

Do I need to wax and sharpen my skis before I ride?

Nope! All new J skis come sharpened and waxed from the factory, ready to shred out of the box! We suggest using the skis for at least  7 ski days prior to applying a temperature spefici wax. All Jskis have are tuned with 1x1 side/base bevel edge angles.

I work in the ski-industry... can i get a discount??

We got your back! We offer a 20% prodeal discount for ski industry employees ONLY!

Click here and submit the 'Request a Prodeal' form, then we'll review it and if you qualify we will email you a discount code to use online.

How do I get on the J skis Team mailing list?

Simply go to the team signup page by clicking HERE >> where you will need to fill in your email, name and the # of times you ski per season. Then click "submit" at the bottom of the form and you're on the team! 

If you need to update your email address simply sign up again using your new email address. Then if you need to remove your old address from the list let us know by emailing

The Team Signup isn't working!! What do i do?!

1. You should have received a confirmation email with a link that you need to click on sent from - Search your inbox & add it to your address book to help prevent it from being flagged as spam!

2. Check your junk mail / spam / social updates folder.

3. Try entering your email again HERE >>, maybe you mis-typed your own email address...

4. Wait 5 minutes & try again like the nice computer asked.

5. If none of the above works, light your computer on fire!

Thanks for your patience in trying to figure this out!! If you are still having trouble after all of the above shoot us an email to or give us a call at (802) 585-1098

Yo J, can you hook me up with a job/internship?

We don't have any jobs or internship openings right now, but we'll announce on FB & Insta when something comes up, so be sure to follow us on social media!

Also here's some tips on getting a job in the ski industry

I'm sick at skiing, can I get a sponsorship??

We're always down to check out some content of you shredding, so you can email that to or tag us @j_skis on Instagram. Keep in mind that at this point being a small company we aren't dishing out many sponsorship's simply because we can't afford to give out free gear. But always remember, it's just skiing! So make sure to keep progressing and having fun, then one thing will lead to another! 

In the meantime be sure to Join the team HERE >> and grab some stickers & clothing >> to represent!

Thanks for reppin!

How can I help my ski club get involved with J skis?

Since we are such a small company we can't afford to send free gear, but we can definitely hook up your club with some stickers to pass out to members! 

Simply fill out our ski club sponsorship form HERE >> and we'll send your club a pack of sticker sheets to pass out. (please note we can only send stickers to clubs in the USA).

Do you make women's skis?

We do not refer to our skis as "women's" or "men's". All our skis are great for anybody! When other companies refer to "women's" they are simply putting girly graphics on a unisex ski in shorter lengths. So choose the ski length that is best for your height, weight, and ability, then select the graphic you like and you'll have a ski you love!

How can I buy a sold out ski?

Sorry but once a ski is sold out, it's gone forever! If you really want the ski, you should order it asap because all skis are limited editions built in small quantities so it's first come first serve and once they're sold out, they're gone forever.

To guarantee yourself a pair Join the team to be notified about new product and get first dibs before the public