If you're a retailer that would like to partner with me in demoing and selling my skis, simply email info about your shop to me info@Jskis.com. You must be open minded, flexible & eager to help develop and test new ideas for how we can both become more nimble and efficient while taking less risk selling skis and giving skiers a better experience on snow.


  • No inventory
  • No sales rep
  • No distributor
  • Free shipping
  • No trade shows
  • No bookings or deadlines
  • You do not compete on price
  • You attract J customers to your store & gain credibility
  • You offer my customers demos, which I can not provide
  • If customers want to buy... they pay you, then you order from me


1) You order through my website 3+ different J ski models in a minimum of 2 sizes each for demo use at 50% off retail. Get started by emailing: info@jskis.com

2) You demo skis to customers making money just like your other brands. Also send me a pic of your skis mounted so I can promote you as an official J Demo Center and list you on our demo center page.

3) Customer buys J skis. You can refer customers to Jskis.com or browse my website with customer and buy skis from me at 25% discount and charge customer full price. I drop ship product to you OR to customer to arrive in a few days!

    • Guaranteed 25% margin
    • NO financial investment
    • NO inventory risk
    • FREE shipping
HOW TO GET STARTED... Email info about your shop and pics to info@jskis.com




For starters I build only limited edition skis, released in small quantities to keep demand & retail value high and product selling out fast! I also do not associate a year or season with each model, thus skis are never outdated, they're simply available or sold out. This enables me to maintain full retail price year round & eliminate excess inventory & discount wars.

I sell factory direct through my website or drop ship through J retail partners eliminating the high costs of the traditional sell-in & sell-through cycle. Instead of spending time talking to each other during the busiest part of our season, we spend it focused on speaking to new consumers & ultimately selling more product. The savings of this leaner sell through cycle enables consumers to get a higher quality ski for the same competitive price. In addition, skiers get their hands on newer product sooner because I've eliminated the traditional 3 year product development / sell-in / sell through cycle that currently restricts the speed in which the ski industry moves forward. Instead I develop AND release new product year-round, real-time at the speed of thought.

None of the above is new, just new to skiing. I look forward to discussing this opportunity with those of you that get it.
Give me a call anytime,

(802) 585-1098