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The Vacation "OCP"

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Specs & Construction
Model: The Vacation
Graphic: OCP
Total Made: 100 Pair
Dimensions: 135-106-124 (Tip - Waist - Tail)
Public Release:

The Vacation™ "OCP" Graphic

Merica spent 5 billion dollars creating this camo. . . rock it years before anyone!

It’s not every day that the United States military announces that it is going to change all of its uniforms to a single camouflage pattern. But just this June that’s exactly what happened.  

Though not completely phased out until 2019, all past camo uniforms will soon be replaced with the new OCP (Operational Camouflage Pattern) look. The story of how and why is nothing less than movie-worthy; crazy dollar figures, confidential information exposed, back-room negotiations, missteps, congressional orders, etc. Regardless of how this new camo has gotten here, it will soon be the only camo you see on U.S. soldiers worldwide and usher in a new era of all-things-camouflage. 

Here’s the deal…you won’t see this new camo on any other product anywhere for at least a couple of years. The reason is because it’s not currently available anywhere but on new military uniforms. Since camo was invented, it's inspired endless camo graphic variations on millions of consumer products. We couldn't resist being the first to put this new camo on skis! How we even got it is still a mystery…but we did, and you can shred it now, this season, on the new Vacation “OCP” before anyone else.  Enjoy what some are calling the most expensive and advanced camouflage pattern to date.

I'm building only 100 pair of these Limited editions, each ski is hand signed & numbered by me. You'll be 1 of only 100 skiers in the world with these rare one-of-a-kind limited edition J's on your feet!

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The Vacation™ Model Info

The Vacation™

I've completely re-engineered The Vacation with an innovative new flex pattern and shape! The softer overall flex in combination with it's lively Maple core and carbon fiber construction enables the ski to naturally conform to a broader variety of freestyle terrain with unprecedented comfort and tons of energy and pop. This ski's incredibly playful feel butters and throws tricks with much less effort, while maintaining solid big air landings and high speed reliability. I also completely updated the geometry in the tips to have less sidecut for a much more effortless, surfier feel in the pow, and tight trees. With this new tip shape you’ll never have to worry about catching your tips when buttering, popping to switch or throwing tricks in in the pow. This ski is the ultimate getaway drug from traditional boring skis... to a much funner time anywhere on the hill! If your idea of fun is to slash, butter, press, air, nollie & jib from untracked pow to the park and everywhere in between, it’s time for a NEW Vacation '17 #JVacationSki

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The Vacation™ Specs

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LENGTH 166cm 173cm 180cm 186cm
DIMENSIONS 127-104-122mm 127-104-122mm 127-104-122mm 127-104-122mm
SIDECUT RADIUS 15.3m 16.9m 18.5m 20.1m
WEIGHT PER SKI 1820g 1930g 2010g 2170g
EFFECTIVE EDGE 1300mm 1370mm 1440mm 1500mm
CAMBER 3mm 3mm 3mm 3mm
ROCKER HEIGHT TIP / TAIL 8.5 / 2mm 9 / 2mm 9.5 / 2mm 10 / 2mm
TIP / TAIL LENGTH 420 / 385mm 430 / 390mm 440 / 395mm 450 / 400mm
TIP / TAIL HEIGHT 70 / 45mm 70 / 45mm 70 / 45mm 70 / 45mm
BOOT FROM CENTER -4cm -4cm -4cm -4cm
BOOT FROM TAIL 790mm 825mm 860mm 890mm

The Vacation™ Construction

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I’ve spent over two decades designing, developing, and continually refining the industries most innovative and award winning skis ever created. Now that I’m selling skis directly to you, I’m able to invest more money into using the most expensive, highest quality materials possible, sparing no expense like never before in the name of premium ski performance & durability. You’ll literally feel the difference the moment you make your first turn and still be stoked, years later like it was still your first day on them! This is why I confidently back all my skis with a money back 100% satisfaction guarantee. Learn more about this ski’s construction below…

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3d ski construction

Carbon Fiber

Lighter with more energy & pop than fiberglass
Just like fiberglass carbon needs to be fully stretched like a guitar string to give you the most pop. Unlike other brands of skis with wavy black carbon, not stretched, thus you’re not getting the energy out of it, we use pre-cured, pre-stretched carbon fiber laminates. This means the carbon is pre-stretched & cured under perfect conditions at the carbon fiber production facility prior to us receiving it. This pre-cured carbon laminate is twice the cost but also gives you many more times the performance. You’ll feel it!

Maple Wood Core

Highest quality wood for a lively energetic feel & long life
The factory is located in Quebec Canada, so we got Maple, eh! Maple is a very expensive high quality hard wood, thus the reason it’s used to build floors and furniture in your house that lasts a lifetime. Maple absorbs impact, and has a ton of energy for a very ski feel and long life. We run 4 – 20mm wide Maple laminates the entire length of the core, plus 100% under your foot for unprecedented energy, durability & binding screw retention. At the tips of my skis you’ll see more of the light colored Aspen witch is incredibly lightweight with plenty strong when laminated alongside Maple for reduced swing weight at the tips.

Full Height Sidewalls

Maximum impact resistant & vibration dampening
We’re using super durable, high impact absorbing Ultra High Molecular Weight (UHMW) polyethylene for our sidewalls. This is the same material we use on our ski's bases. It’s very impact resistant and since it’s full height, it also absorbs more vibration like using a longer spring in your car’s suspension. Take a metal pipe and hit it against a rock, then do the same with a piece of plastic. The metal vibrates through to your bones & the plastic absorbs the vibration for you. That’s the difference of having full height plastic shock absorbing sidewalls over your edges or not. We’re cutting the isdes of the sidewalls to a 10* angle, with a nice step at the bottom for easy tuning like race skis.

Thickest Edge

The thickest, most durable edge in the industry
We use the thickest hardened steel edges in the industry 2.2mm x 2.5mm. More metal = more durable. Whether you’re accidentally hitting a rock or purposely sliding a rail, you’re edges will live a much longer life. You’ll also be able to re-tune many more times or file them round to slide rails longer.

Sintered Base

The fastest, thickest, most durable base material
I don’t match my clothes, but I always match my base & edge. We use the thickest edge so I also use the thickest base in the industry 1.8mm. I use sintered Ultra High Molecular Weight (UHMW) Polyethylene, the highest quality base material available. It absorbs wax better, slides faster, and is more durable than any other base material. Basically it’s super hard & fast, like your _______ likes it.

Rubber Laminate

Absorbs vibration and dramatically reduces risk of delam
Think of a ski’s construction like a magazine, each page = layers of material in the ski. Then bend your magazine you’ll see every page slide against each other, this is “shear”. This shear force trys to separate, thus delaminate all the layers in your ski every time it’s flexed or the tips are slapped down on a jump landing. This is why I run a layer of thin rubber around the full perimeter of the ski over the entire edge, plus the full width of across the tip and tail. The rubber acts as an insulator so that the edge and other materials can slide against each other when flexing without delaminating. This dramatically improves durability & reduces vibration.

Quasitropic Fiberglass

Fibers run in 4 directions to maximize energy & strength
Fiberglass works like a guitar string, when it is flexed it wants to spring back, that’s the energy or pop you feel in a ski. However this energy can only be applied in the direction the actual fiberglass is run. This means the more directions of fiberglass, the more energy, pop & responsiveness. Industry standard “Triaxial” fiberglass runs in only three directions, we use a Quasi Isotropic fiberglass configuration, same as the aerospace industry to maximize energy & strength in as many directions as possible, 4 different axis 0, 90, +45, -45. It costs more, but it’s worth the performance.

High Definition Digital Printing

You already know I put a lot of value in graphics! So instead of traditional silk screening with low resolution image quality, you’ve seen the dots! I’m using a state of the art, Fuji UV Flat bed printer, a $170,000 machine that enables me to print high resolution from my computer directly to the plastic top & base. The resolution is unbelievable photo-real so you’ll be one of few skiers in the world with skis looking this good on your feet.

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