Team Skibladezzz!!!

THEY'RE BAAAAACK... These ain't skis! Not snowboards, or noboards, or skiboards, or even snowblades! They're skibladezzz!!!! Your new secret weapon of choice for doing every trick you wish you were good enough to do on your regular skis, with half the effort, while looking like twice the Jerry!!!​ These pure pleasure devices are NOT like all those other wimpy toys on the market! This is THE ONE-AND-ONLY ORIGINAL legendary, Mike Nick Pro Model design!!!! The winningest skiboard ever made! YUP!!! We brought 'em back to life exclusively for Team Skibladezzz!!! Team Skibladezzz always uses a lot of exclamation marks, but all seriousness aside... THANK YOU everyone for your overwhelming enthusiasm and motivation to bring back these amazing skis that launched my ski industry career over 25 years ago!


Keep in mind, you need to have a ski shop mount releasable bindings just like your super long skis. We offer a high quality super affordable Tyrolia binding OR you can use any other with brakes that fit a 100mm waist width.

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mm Waist
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