ZIPIT! World's first modular ski system using zippers


For the 2023/24 winter season J skis is releasing to the public an entirely new ski system they're calling “ZIPIT”. Unlike traditional skis, it features a modular construction in which the total length of the ski consists of multiple segments, connected by zippers.

J skis CFO, Buck Krueger, says “Consumer product costs are skyrocketing, and ski gear is no exception. We’ve got a huge opportunity here to make skiing more affordable for everyone by enabling people to own one pair of skis, and adjust the length, flex, even the rocker on-the-fly instead of purchasing multiple skis. Imagine owning skis that literally grow with your kids!”

​Being the first ski system in the world to incorporate zippers, J has secured a leadership position in the market by entering into a 10-year exclusive agreement with the world’s largest zipper manufacturer, YKK. They are the proven leader across hundreds of other industries, thus are the obvious choice as a long term partner. They'll be working hard to integrate this solution into the next generation of skis within the ski industry.

J skis also intends to leverage their dominance in this new product category to enter into the European market where a large number of skiers are traveling to the mountains by train or other public transportation and need a compact, packable option to transport their ski gear.

J Ski Company owner, Jason Levinthal, a 25 year ski industry pioneer sees it this way, “Everyone has counted on zippers their entire life to keep their clothes on, and things from falling out of their pockets and bags. Even NASA astronauts rely on YKK zippers with their lives to protect them from the extreme elements of deep space! We’ve spent the past 4 years developing and testing this proprietary product in secret, putting it through rigorous athlete testing, and are now confident its performance has far surpassed traditional ski construction!”

J athlete and engineer, Giray Dadali, says "This system has proven to be bombproof! When you hear the crisp sound of the gold-plated titanium waterproof zipper, you know your skis are solid and ready to go! Our athletes are blown away by the convenience of lengthening their skis on the fly for pow days to get more float. Many of them even keep a softer, shorter pair of tips and tails in their backpack to swap out for jibbing when rolling through the park. One of the unforeseen financial benefits is no longer paying for oversize ski baggage at the airport. These skis fit perfectly into a standard roller or duffle bag. It’s really exciting to be constantly finding more benefits to the ZIPIT system!” ​

Limited quantities of the new ZIPIT Modular Ski System will be available for purchase on August 1st exclusively from


jason levinthal with zipit tech long j skis

zipit j skis can be longer or shorter when you zip attachments on and off

jason levinthal holding zipit tech tips for converting skis to skibladezzz

dropping in on the mini version of j zipit tech skis

unzipping zipit skis

easy to transport these zipit skis when they break down so easily