We're hiring a Multimedia Coordinator!

We're hiring a Multimedia Coordinator!


Location: Burlington, VT
Compensation: $46k Salary
Benefits: $400/mth HRA,  $700 season pass,  2 pair skis/season, industry discounts 

This is a rare chance to make some serious shit happen working with me and my crew at J skis. We're a small, direct to consumer ski brand located in Burlington, VT and run by a tight-knit group of passionate skiers. As part of a small team all employees must be comfortable wearing many hats as the daily job duties fluctuate in such a seasonally motivated business. This job requires the ability to think creatively, accept feedback, and learn and execute tasks at an extremely fast pace.

As one of the few premium, yet fun-loving brands in the industry, riding Js truly means you are part of the family and our goal is to enhance this experience for current and future customers. You will work directly with the Marketing Manager, Graphic Designer and Owner daily, so clear communication and ability to complete tasks on-time and accept and give criticism is essential. If you are a SMART, passionate, reliable, creative hard worker with the below skills, this is your chance to play a pivotal role in the success of one of skiing's most progressive and fastest growing brands. We encourage all genders, races, religions, abilities to apply! 


  • COMMUNICATION - You are phenomenal at using language and imagery to communicate a clear message!!!
  • VIDEO - You have experience producing basic videos to highlight or tell entertaining easy to quickly understand stories that educates and entertains fans. You must be able to be given basic direction and then take initiative to apply your creativity to conceive, plan, shoot and edit using Premier. You will also manage outside experts to contribute higher level, and more specialized video skills when needed.
  • PHOTO - You have a good eye and perspective for communicating through imagery. You will be given a goal to communicate a specific message through imagery and execute the coordination of models, photographers, props, and scheduling to capture images on your own, or contract and direct a professional photographer. You also have the ability to manipulate the images using Photoshop so they are ready for use. 
    NOTE: We're not expecting you to be a professional photographer or graphic designer, however similar basic skills, perspective, and knowhow is necessary. You will utilize our in-house Graphic Designer for actual graphic design needs, and occasionally outsource and direct professional photographers.  
  • COPYWRITING - You have high level copywriting experience and are a master of the English language with proper grammer. You have the natural ability to efficiently say a lot with a few words to educate and inspire readers in a fun, casual, witty and personal way that exemplifies our brand.


  • SOCIAL MEDIA - You have the proven ability to execute all aspects of operating strong social media accounts. You will be utilizing imagery that you gather or create and manipulate to post on a variety of platforms as well as develop all of the accompanying copy. You will be scheduling posts and engaging with followers on ALL platforms 7 days a week. You have a strong understanding of an eccomerce brand's ecosystem and will come up with creative ways to push messages that help us compliment and achieve goals with a natural, casual, fun, personal vibe. 
  • COMMUNITIES - Post and participate in online communities daily 
  • ATHLETES - Search out to discover and manage athletes to collaborate on projects and collect, organize and edit digital photos & video assets. Assist them with product needs and motivate them to promote our brand.
  • WEBSITE - Create and manage content on our website to help communicate, entertain and drive sales. For example create blog posts highlighting inspirational skiing stories or create videos instructing people how to choose a product.
  • ADS - Organize or create content for use as Facebook & Google ads
  • EMAIL & SMS - Contribute content and ideas to weekly campaigns
  • PROMOTIONS - Contribute content and ideas for promotions to grow sales, databases and social media followers
  • LEARN - Continually research, learn, and apply new sales and marketing strategies to improve and keep up with trends


  • CREATIVE - You are constantly thinking up new and creative ideas and ways for our brand to always stand out from the rest as well continue engaging conversations with customers.
  • PROBLEM SOLVING - You are self motivated, persistent and fearless when it comes to efficiently solving problems on your own.
  • LEARN - Ability to learn on your own, try new things and apply ingenuity to figure out how we can improve.
  • COMMUNICATE - This is a team effort! Have the guts and initiative to ask questions, make suggestions and continually have conversations related to what we're working on.
  • FAST - Hyper active + hyper focused = capable of keeping up with a small, extremely smart fast-paced team
  • SKIER - Passionate long time skier with great customer perspective and understanding of our sport and our position in it
  • VT - Willing to relocate to Burlington, VT
  • SCHOOL - You're a smart hard worker proven by your college GPA 3.5+. with a BS in a related topic for example Marketing, Design, Communication, Media, Business, etc.
  • JOB - 2+ years professional experience in a related job

To apply please email your resume, and a cover letter explaining why you are the best person for this position to info@jskis.com