That's what we like

Vinnie Gagnier and SLVSH are proud to release a new project, “THAT’S WHAT WE LIKE”

Scroll down to check out the video and read what went on behind in the scenes in the words of filmmaker Andrew Napier:

vinny gagnier sending a trick off a backcountry booter

“THAT’S WHAT WE LIKE” needs little explanation. Untracked powder? That’s what we like. Skiing in Austria? That’s what we like. Breaking your scapula in the streets? We don’t like that.

vincent gagnier smiling while skiing

In January of 2022, Vincent Gagnier, Joss Christensen and I packed our bags and headed to Innsbruck, Austria. Vinnie was excited to go skiing there. Vinnie is a ski historian, maybe the greatest of all time, perhaps only rivaled by Henrik Harlaut. Vinnie wanted to hit some classic jumps that Simon Dumont and others had built in the late 2000’s, and he ended up finding the spots on google earth.

Vincent Gagnier building a backcountry jump

Besides building jumps, all of us were excited to do inbounds skiing, and check out the various resorts in the area. This was an awesome surprise. Some of the resorts had incredible terrain.

On some days, there was untracked powder, even under the lift, and even until the end of the day!

Yes, this spectacle vanished long ago in North America. But here it is real! Other resorts had great terrain parks, with big jumps and playful rail lines. And the cost to ski at the resorts was the icing on the cake. For the cost of a burger and two beers at Fail resort enterprises, the skier can get a half day of incredible skiing at the same rate in Austria.

vinnie doing a grab while airing out on his j skis

So we went to Austria, we skied the powder, we built the big jumps, and we yelled at the guides who skied through our landings. We made enemies, and we made friends. We took in the culture, admired the architecture, roamed through the streets, both on our feet and with our skis on. The urban samplings were few and far between, but we had a couple good days in the streets nonetheless.

Vinnie hitting a street spot on his j skis

Next on the agenda was a trip up to Norway on the PJ for some filming in Tromso. Luckily enough, Vinnie is very well off, partially due to his lucrative contract with J skis, and he decided to fly us up there in style. Oh my, you are still reading? Well congratulations, you must be an intelligent and well-rounded scholar.

Anyways, on the first street spot for Vinnie he went for an avante garde manuever. Vinnie specializes in the avant garde, but this particular maneuver was especially avant grade, even for the avant gardener himself. Vinnie went for the nosepress tailpress, the daffy smashy. As his tip caught under the rail, and his body hurled face-first towards the ground at the speed of light, he reevaluated his life choices. But it was too late.

The crew admiring the mountain views

Goodbye Vinnie, Goodbye season. That’s how it goes sometimes. Ah shit. At least we got clips and had the trip of a lifetime. That’s what we like. Welp, we’ll see you next year. For now, enjoy the video... "THAT'S WHAT WE LIKE"