Skis built for snowboard bindings



For the 2022-23 winter season all J skis will come standard with 4-hole snowboard binding inserts built into the skis. This instantly provides skiers with the option of using any snowboard boot and binding systems, in addition to traditional alpine ski bindings.

The stainless steel threaded holes in snowboards known as “inserts” for attaching bindings have been proven for decades to be the most affordable, consumer-friendly and reliable interface. On the contrary, alpine skis continue to use an antiquated system requiring a certified shop technician to hand drill custom holes into the ski, then glue and screw each binding permanently, resulting in higher costs and less versatility for skiers.

J skis CFO, Buck Worthy, says “Consumer product costs are skyrocketing, and ski gear is no exception. Particularly when comparing skiing to snowboarding, skiers spend on average 246% more on bindings over their lifetime because they’re required to purchase one set for each pair of skis, while snowboarders can infinitely swap bindings between boards. This is great for binding corporation’s bottom line, but it’s unnecessarily expensive and inconvenient for skiers. We’ve got a huge opportunity here to make skiing more affordable for everyone.”

J Ski Company owner and founder, Jason Levinthal, a 25 year ski industry veteran put it simply, “Enough is enough. It’s time for skiers to be provided the same freedoms, conveniences and comforts as snowboarders!!”

The concept is nothing new to Levinthal, credited for bringing to market the first twin-tip skis in 1995, coined “skiboards,” that used 4-hole inserts to accept hard boot snowboard bindings. In 2003 as the owner of Line skis he brought to market a new ski binding that mounted using 4 inserts, however shortly after selling the business to K2 Sports they took the product off the market.

J says, “The ski industry just wasn’t ready for it! I equate it to the auto industry going electric 20 years ago. Change of this magnitude requires a revolution in technology, and now’s the time. Today’s snowboard boots and bindings are far more responsive than in the past, enabling powerful transfer of energy to the board, while skis have become far easier to carve by simply rolling your ankles, eliminating the need for traditional, stiff ski boots. The time is right to bring these two sport’s products together, to enhance skiing’s future like never previously possible!”

Soon cold, uncomfortable, stiff plastic ski boots will be a thing of the past replaced by comfortable, insulated, easy to walk-in snowboard boots. Snowboard bindings can be mounted by any customer at home using a simple screwdriver, with the ability to infinitely shift the binding’s location along the ski and even change your foot angle on-the-fly. If you’re skiing powder, shift the binding back for better float. When the pow is gone, slide it centered for optimal freestyle performance. Skiers will also finally be able to afford to own multiple pairs of skis AND snowboards and only need one pair of bindings to be used across all products!

J skis are 100% sold out for this season. Keep your eye out for the new product line to be released August 1st which will include the new universal snowboard binding insert system across the entire ski line. For more information, visit


J skis with snowboard bindings

J skis with snowboard binding 4 hole inserts

Jason Levinthal holding J skis with snowboard bindings

Jason Levinthal carving on J skis with snowboard binding


Music by: Riley Normand and Caleb Lodish
Cinematography by: Taylor Bibaud
Produced by: Steven Spieldberg