Building Your Skis!

While you've been lounging by the pool this summer we've been elbow deep in sawdust building skis and loving it! Since February we've been building more than 50 pair per day, totaling 7,500 pair by the fall. It's almost time to slide them into boxes and ship directly to your door! All new J skis available August 1st.

Check out these exclusive behind the scenes photos of us building your new J skis right here in North America!


Locally sourced Aspen and Maple wood stringers ready be turned into ski cores


Briuec attaches our extra thick UHMW sidewalls to a wood core, then the CNC profiler precisely sands them into their final shapes

Hundreds of meters of extra thiccc hardened steel edge rolled up and ready to be cut to length for each ski

The base and edges are glued together and placed into the aluminum ski mold to create the shape of the sidecut.

Alexandra stacking dozens of pieces of sintered base material to be heated under pressure to transfer the ink from the sublimation paper to the bases.

Kathleen inspecting the base graphic of the new Hotshot "Peacekeeper" ski hot off the sublimation press.

The CNC cuts 50mm wide titanal laminates to be placed on the top and bottom of the core to enhance dampening and responsiveness on all of our Lite Metal ski constructions.

Julien coats the titanal metal laminates with epoxy and then aligns them on each core.

Éric thoroughly working epoxy into the fiberglass and other laminates to guarantee you that bombproof construction!

Mad scientist Audrey loading the ski into the press to bring Frankenstein to life... It's alive!

Bernard pulling a fresh hot "pair" of the Hotshot "Nevermore" out of the aluminum mold, ready to be cut and sanded into its final shape.

With over a decade of ski shaping experience, nobody perfects the tip shape quite like Dominic (aka DooM) 

After the ski is shaped, Oliver pulls an Allplay "Cosmos" through the rough base sander to kickoff the base finishing process.

Marcel inspects the edge tune for maximum grip it 'n rip it performance

Racks on racks on racks of new skis ready be boxed and shipped to you!