J on the Blister Podcast

It's not often that Jonathan Ellsworth, fearless leader of the Blister Review team, is in town, so it made perfect sense to sit down and talk about the new J skis Intergalactic Headquarters. It was awesome getting to share more about this huge new business endeavor and all of the craziness that its taken to get the building ready for skiers like you to come visit us here in Burlington, Vermont. Check out more episodes from Jonathan and the Blister Review crew at Blisterreview.com or wherever you listen to your podcasts.

J’s New Intergalactic HQ (3:47)
Prediction: will more ski companies create spaces like this? (12:02)
Other Predictions or Trends for this winter? (14:30)
Why are we seeing fewer new ski companies? (20:13)
Prediction: more consolidation in the ski industry? (24:01)
Industry Opportunities (30:49)
Attracting New Skiers (34:23)
J Skis at the Blister Summit (37:03)