J Skis 2 Year Anniversary

In 2013 Jason Levinthal announced his departure from Line skis, the brand he started and drove to becoming one of the top modern day ski brands. Only 4 weeks later on October 15th Jason launched a new ski company on the website Jskis.com. Many assumed starting a new ski company was the last thing he'd be doing, why leave just do it again? However Jason promised a new kind of ski company like no other before it, and two years later the ideas in his head have become a reality that any skier can rally behind.



This was the only video on the website the day Jskis.com launched. The website was selling one ski, The Allplay "First" which he claimed he'd be making only 100 pair. he also said he'd be hand signing and numbering each, selling only direct to his customers exclusively through this website, a first-of-it's-kind in the ski industry.

Jason & Francois, (Line's ski engineer from 1999-2007) cutting the "First" ski mold at their friend JF's factory in Quebec Canada.

What most, didn't realize is there actually was no ski! He hadn't spent one minute designing since leaving Line only weeks prior. He promised a great ski to be delivered 2 months later backed by only his word. With a rolodex of ski industry friends and allies the size of Amazon's customer list he moved at the speed of thought working with  friends who were the best at what they do to create and deliver skis to those First 100 customers only 8 weeks later in time for Christmas. If you were one of those few skiers who own a pair, you're one of the few, the brave who put their money where their mouth was believing in Jason's vision. View every ski launched since.