I started Line Skis in my parent's garage credited for building some of the first twin tip skis.  
In 2006 Line was bought by K2 Sports & I continued running Line & pioneering the industry's
most innovative skis into a top 5 US ski brand. During that time I launched Full Tilt Boots 
quickly growing it to a top 10 US boot brand. In October 2013 I left to start this new ski company.




FOR THE PAST TWO DECADES I've worked relentlessly to progress the sport I love. I've worked with the smartest ski engineers & factories, legendary progressive athletes and most creative designers in the world. I've developed & tested over a thousand different prototypes, designed & brought to market over 250 different award winning ski models and I've sold over half a million skis to you.

September 2013 I went back to my entrepreneurial roots & started this ski company. This isn't a ski company in the traditional sense, it's a skier (me) collaborating with friends I enjoy working with, that happen to be some of the smartest, most creative, influential & experienced forward thinking minds in the business. In addition I'm also collaborating with YOU & every other skier with an idea or opinion because you're the one I'm building these products for! . .  like this

I'm focused on creating the most innovative products by bringing them faster to market, real-time, at the speed of thought, in weeks, not years. . . thus years ahead of the competition. In doing so, I'm cutting out the middle-man (distributors, salesman, stores) and the long & arduous business cycle that goes along with it. Selling direct to you enables me to afford better materials while selling to you at a more affordable price . . . you get more for your money! All skis are also sold in limited quantities so you own something special, that no one else on the hill will have.

Everything I do on a daily basis, successes & failures will be completely transparent to you. you'll know everything I know, and learn and see what it's really like to startup and run your own ski company. You can follow my personal business adventures on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter

Thanks for spreading the word!
Jason Levinthal    
jason@Jskis.com (802) 585-1098

NBC News story about Jason doing things differently with his new ski company J

Jason's TEDx talk about his experience pioneering twin tip skis and running his first ski company, "Line".
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"After 18 years at the helm of one of the most progressive ski companies in history, Jason Levinthal is starting over. The founder of Line Skis leaves to launch a new company, J skis. An entirely new business model that may change the ski industry all over again." Read interview

"For the past 18 years Jason Levinthal has been on a mission to change skiing. In our opinion the sport & Newschoolers wouldn’t be the same without him." Read Interview

"Let’s open with an understatement: LINE Skis founder, Jason Levinthal, has had a significant impact on the shape (or shapes) of modern skiing. He built the first twin tip skis in 1995, he won a medal at skiing’s first X-Games Slopestyle, he got the Raichle Flexon boot brought back under the Full Tilt name, and he’s built LINE into one of the most progressive ski companies in the industry." Read Interview 

"You support your local farmer, local music, local restaurants, etc. Now you can support your local ski company - J Skis!" Read Interview  


Francois Sylvain is our ski engineering assassin that turns numbers into fun. He worked with me designing & manfuacturing Line's award winning skis from 1999-2007. Over the years he's engineered skis & literally built factories for many other ski companies. He is now co-owner of the Utopie factory that builds my skis in addition to running his own ski company Altai Skis which has pioneered a new category of sliding snowshoes, check them out!


JF Bouchard is the factory mastermind who's crew turns epoxy into sticks to slide on. He started building snowboards ten years ago and has since grown his factory into one of the most sought after craft micro breweries of skis & boards in North America. His factory Utopie MFG is located as far north east as as you can get before falling into the ocean, making it the perfect secret lair for brewing up, top secret product and processes from the future.


Mark "Fank" Fankhauser is the graphic design wizard from Washington that comes to the rescue when I shine a search light in the sky with his name on it. He's the wittiest thinker and fastest clicker in the biz with close to two decades of experience designing some of the sickest marketing & snowboard graphics for Ride. He and I had fun re-launching the Planet Earth brand a few years ago and did a few boot & ski graphics together over the years while at K2 Sports. He currently hangs with his design crew Mystery Made and creates some really amazing artwork for the fun of it too.


 Brian Boardman may be the only one that actually believes in what I'm doing even more than myself. I met Brian years ago at a charity event for the homeless where his donation won the bid to bring his kids skiing with me for the day. A few years later, he found me the house I now live in. It only seemed right when I was creating this new ski company to give him a call. I showed him the plan and walked out with his commitment to financially get my back. If you ever need a house in Vermont, give him a call


 Neil Sotirakopoulos is part ski bum, part programming genius. Back in the early 90's he was running the first online ski video community, SAS Films from his dorm room at RPI, waaaaay before youtube. Later he created the legendary east coast ski film, WICKED. Over the years between living in his van as a ski bum starting futuristic websites that no one would ever see, including his own, he's helped me navigate business on the interwebs. When I went to start this ski company to sell direct online, he was eager lend a mouse.


Joe Gaetani has always lent me a hand while living in VT. While at college he was an intern at Line, helped renovate my house, & even cooked grill cheese for my food cart. Now he's got his own video production company, Rightside Productions which has created some of Line's best product videos over the years. I call him whenever I need an idea turned into a video. Watch his east coast CHECK YOUR PINS split boarding series.