Vacation "OCP" ski is first to use the New Official U.S. Military Camo

Merica spent 5 billion dollars creating this camo. . . you'll be the first civilian to get your hands on it!

By 2019 all past camo uniforms will be replaced with the new OCP (Operational Camouflage Pattern) look.  The story of how and why is nothing less than movie-worthy; crazy $5 billion dollar figures, confidential information exposed, back-room negotiations, missteps, congressional orders, etc. Regardless of how this new camo has gotten here, it will soon be the only camo you see on U.S. soldiers worldwide and usher in a new era of all-things-camouflage.

Here’s the deal…you won’t see this new camo on any other product anywhere for at least two years.  The reason is because it’s not currently available anywhere but on new military uniforms.  Since camo was invented, it's inspired endless camo graphic variations on millions of consumer products.  We couldn't resist being the first to put this one on skis! How we even got it is still a mystery…but we did, and you can shred it now, this season on the new Vacation “OCP” skis before anyone else.

I'm building only 100 pair of these Limited edition skis and hand signing & numbering each. You'll be 1 of only 100 skiers in the world with these rare one-of-a-kind limited edition J's on your feet!