Introducing J Snowboards


It's no secret that skiing's resurgence in popularity over the past decade has caused a dramatic decline in snowboarding that continues to plague the winter sports industry as a whole, with no end in sight! Unfortunately it's just a matter of time before snowboarding as we know it (knew it) comes to a screeching halt.

Some snowboarders already hide their love for skis and poles behind the term "split boarding". Others simply admit to switching back to skiing, publicly wearing plastic boots! Regardless of how you "stand", I actually feel snowboarding is very fun, and can become cool again! I've actually been snowboarding since 1989, it's what inspired me to start making twin tip skis in the first place! So if the snowboard industry can't figure out how to save themselves. . . I will.


You know what's not a joke?

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Seriously tho! . . . Here's my 2 cents as to why snowboarding is killing itself:
It's self-destructive death spiral is fueled only by it's own inbred vision, or lack their of, still holding on to the only message they ever had. . . an outdated 20 year attitude of, "We're cooler than you!". All recent attempts to increase sales by "innovating" product has been through the creation of hundreds of confusing and poorly performing camber, rocker and tip shapes, only adding salt to the sales wound. Meanwhile the riders driving these brands still hold tight to their vision for their sport being automatically entitlement to be as cool as skateboarding and surfing purely by existing. The reality is, the only people left on the hill to inspire the next generation are the previously cool, now lame moms and dads that started the sport 20 years ago. Even the largest snowboard companies have been forced to cut employees, cut budgets and winter sport products while making flailing attempts into wannabe action sports lifestyle clothing. So seriously, can it be saved? Yes! of course it can, but not by continuing to do more of the same thing. . .