Wizard Staff Pro Adjustable Ski Poles "Standard Issue Yellow"

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The Wizard Staff PRO has a special extended grip for ski touring and an indestructible carbide tip to hold you steady on technical climbs. 

After years of development and rigorous athlete testing I'm proud to release these revolutionary new adjustable ski poles! These are the most durable adjustable aluminum ski poles ever made, guaranteed not to break for two years! If they do, we'll refund your money or send you a new pair!

Bombproof construction made of our secret ingredient extra high strength, ultra-resilient Titanal Aluminum. If you accidentally fall on it, it can become bent like other aluminum poles. However what sets it apart, is it can also be straightened back out without breaking, like no other pole on the market! 

Infinite length adjustment from 100cm up to 140cm perfect for ski touring, traversing across the mountain or when you need to let someone borrow your gear. Non-slip aluminum clip keeps your length locked in place and easy to adjust on the fly with gloves on.

Extended touring grip keeps your hands from slipping even on the most technical ascents. This rubber sleeve is ribbed for everyone's pleasure, whether you're trying to fake how pitted you are in a pow turn or traverse an off-camber sidehill. 

Get more for your money! We cut out the middle man by selling factory direct to you so you can get a ski pole made of the highest performing, most durable materials for less!


  • 2-year guarantee not to break. If it does, we'll refund your money or send you a new pair!
  • Extra high strength, ultra-resilient Titanal aluminum
  • Infinite, on the fly, length adjustment from 100cm to 140cm
  • Extended touring grip for multiple on-the-go hand placements
  • Super comfortable, form-fitted, soft rubber grip
  • Velcro strap for quick, no slip adjustments
  • Powder baskets float on top of soft snow & flex to conform to terrain
  • Bombproof Carbide metal tip, stays sharp longer & never slips... even on ice!
  • Badass graphics... of course!

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jskis indestructable poles are indestructably indestructable

Wizard Staff Pro Adjustable Ski Poles "Standard Issue Yellow" Reviews

Wizard Staff Pro Adjustable Ski Poles "Standard Issue Yellow"