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The Vacation is the ultimate getaway from traditional boring skis! It features a truly one-of-a-kind, soft flex pattern that’s equally distributed throughout the length of the ski. This enables it to match transitions and excel at a larger variety of freestyle terrain so you can throw down with more style and control, without getting bucked. Its 104mm waist is super versatile, it floats easily in powder, yet is quick enough to also shred all over the mountain, including the park. The added surface area under foot makes for stable landings and provides even more balance and control when buttering and sliding rails. I designed the tips with a very smooth rocker and a unique early tapper geometry for a catch-free, effortless, surfy feel. You can pivot on a dime, and never have to worry again about catching your tips when popping from forward to backwards, buttering, or throwing tricks… even in fresh snow. If your idea of fun is to slash, press, air, butter, nollie & jib from untracked pow to the park and everywhere in between, it’s time for a Vacation!

Admit it! We've all had those crazy conversation with your friends looking up at the night sky about aliens and what could be out there. But have you ever looked into the math supporting the possibility? While searching through images of space, I stumbled on some mind blowing stuff... 

We all know the Earth revolves around one star with several other planets all together making up our solar system. However, scientists estimate that there are tens of billions of solar systems in just OUR single galaxy. Crazy, right? Now think about this... They estimate there are over a hundred billion galaxies!!!

To put this into earth terms, imagine sitting on a beach and think about every tiny piece of individual sand from every beach and every desert on earth. It’s estimated that there are ten times more stars than grains of sand on our planet. This mind bender should help you answer your own question while looking up into the night sky.

Now getting back to this graphic, I reached out to some of the best photographers of the night sky on our planet, the European Southern Observatory. It can take them over a year to achieve a single photo that gathers enough light from far off galaxies to create one image. The base graphic we paid homage to the legendary Saturn V used during the Apollo 11 mission to safely land the first two humans on the moon in 1969. We've still got a long way to go...

Blemish skis are brand new, however have a cosmetic defect in the graphic for example a small part of the top or base graphic is slightly off center or there is a gentle scuff that happened during handling at the factory. These cosmetic blemishes have no effect on the ski's performance or durability and most of the time you won't even be able to see the graphic defect. Sorry but I can NOT find out what the specific blemish is on a particular ski, it would be too time consuming, you likely won't even notice it yourself.

All skis are guaranteed to perform 100% and are backed by my standard 100% money back guarantee.

  • Prodeal discounts can not be used for purchase of this product because I'd lose money selling you these skis and go out of business thus not be able to make skiing great again leading to the demise of the sport thus ski resorts shutting down and replaced by coal mines that create dirty energy spewing too much pollution into the air leading to the eventual self extinction of the human race. You know what I'm saying?