"Thick Lines" Topsheet


In all my years working with designers to create ski graphics, there’s been one designer they've all looked up to for inspiration more than any other... that’s Aaron James Draplin. It’s an absolute honor to finally have the opportunity to be collaborating with Draplin Design Co. on one of my ski graphics!

Draplin is a ridiculous collector of vintage design paraphernalia and is always sharing his finds and inspirations online and in person. With a passion for bold and beautiful simplicity, the DDC is continually creating unique takes on our world by refining concepts down to their barest elements and then offering them back to the community via thick linework in a timeless style with an attention to detail that is unparalleled.

This is an actual topsheet from our ski factory printed using one of the most advanced high-definition digital printers in North America. It is roughly 190cm long x 50cm wide on thick plastic. Each topsheet has a protective film over it, remove this before hanging for maximum vibrance. 

"Thick Lines" Topsheet Reviews

"Thick Lines" Topsheet