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"Storm" Topsheet

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It was amazing to watch West Seattle artist José Rodriguez bring this insane new ski graphic to life. We reached out with an inspiration of Japanese sleeve tatoo art in hopes he could utlize the entire canvas of our widest ski to really make it pop! He sent us a variety of pencil sketches and together we landed on this bad ass scene you see here. He then went to work spending days applying the incredible details and layers of color by brush and oil paint on a full ski size canvas to create this mind blowing finished piece.

The name "Storm" is actually the term used to refer to a Japanese dragon. How do you know this isn't a Chinese dragon? Although Chinese and Japanese dragons are very similar….Chinese dragons have 5 toes and Japanese dragons have 3.  Boom….now ya know!

This is an actual topsheet from our ski factory printed using one of the most advanced high-definition digital printers in North America. It is roughly 190cm long x 50cm wide on thick plastic. Each topsheet has a protective film over it, remove this before hanging for maximum vibrance. 

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