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"Hold My Beer" PBR x J Collab Tee

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This Limited Edition J x Pabst Blue Ribbon Collaboration tee honors The Great PBR Abduction of 1953. As the story goes....

It was a long time ago, a quiet evening hanging out with other ranchers at the local watering hole. All of a sudden we felt the earth shake, and what we saw next was not of this planet! They came from the sky for our precious cold ones, and with relentless force. A bright light came down and next thing our peebers were being sucked up right out of our hands! There was no stopping it, it was like a thirsty tornado, every last drop was being lifted, and anyone refusing to let go, got sucked up with ‘em! Kegs, delivery truck, the more they took, the stronger they became. Jimmy lost an arm and we never saw Miguel again. Then they were gone!

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