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Blemish skis are final sale, since they are being sold at such a low price they cannot be returned.

I designed “The Friend” ski in collaboration with athlete Giray Dadali to surf pow, stomp landings and charge harder with less effort than ever before…. so you don’t have to be a pro to ski like one! Its long, gentle rocker and 117mm waist keep you effortlessly floating, slashing and popping even on the deepest days. When the pow’s gone you’ll be able to count on its solid maple wood core and high energy carbon fiber to help you blast through chunder with an unprecedented smooth and reliable feel. The real surprise comes from its tight sidecut, enabling you to have fun gripping and ripping firm snow for versatility like none other. The Friend is a rare breed of powder ski earning it more awards than any other in its class. Float, surf, slash and butter in the deep pow until it gets tracked out, then have equal fun charging endless top to bottom chunder and groomer laps. This is a powder skier’s dream one ski quiver!

It's 4:20 am, but you don't need to set your alarm clock anymore, your powdah hound subconscious knows... it's time for dawn patrol!

You sit up and slowly pull back the corner of your curtain in suspense only to see pitch black. You shine your phone light out to reveal flakes the size of quarters falling fast and furiously, everything in sight is already covered... it's a white out!

While the rest of your house is fast asleep, you make coffee quick and pour into your mug, pull your food stash out of the fridge, and stuff it into your pack with the rest of our ammunition and tools for survival, then make your way out into the garage quietly closing the door to reality behind you. With a full arsenal of ammunition for the day locked and loaded in the back, you fire up your rig and blast the heat.

With no other sign of life in sight, you roll up to your homie's house, who's already waiting out on the porch, they jump in. While the rest of the world sleeps in their white rooms, you're on dawn patrol surfing through the only white room that matters. By the time the rest of the jerry's make their way through rush hour traffic to the battle field, you've already got multiple kills in all the best stashes, dropping cliffs, not bombs, all morning long. This is dawn patrol, and this is your premier weapon of choice.

Over time this camo has come to mean many things to many people, and worn equally by those fighting battles and for peace. The timing of this ski also fits this 50th anniversary of Woodstock, but rocking a message focused on dropping out of helis into pow fields instead of battle fields.

The graphic is a mashup idea paying homage to a character from a badass vintage WW2 propaganda poster done by Walt Disney, but redone as a hornet as a nod to the heli squadron from Vietnam called the "Green Hornets", but rocking ski gear. Pair that with a yellow striped base and you’re ready to drop some cliffs, not bombs.

Blemish skis are brand new, however have a cosmetic defect in the graphic for example a small part of the top or base graphic is slightly off center or there is a gentle scuff that happened during handling at the factory. These cosmetic blemishes have no effect on the ski's performance or durability and most of the time you won't even be able to see the graphic defect. Sorry but I can NOT find out what the specific blemish is on a particular ski, it would be too time consuming, you likely won't even notice it yourself.

  • Prodeal discounts can not be used for purchase of this product because I'd lose money selling you these skis and go out of business thus not be able to make skiing great again leading to the demise of the sport thus ski resorts shutting down and replaced by coal mines that create dirty energy spewing too much pollution into the air leading to the eventual self extinction of the human race. You know what I'm saying?


$499.00 $749.00