The Masterblaster

Dinosaur Jr

J Mascis x J Collab

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J Says Best For: Groomed / Bumps / Trees / Powder Under 10"

Waist Width: 96mm

Ski Length
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Limited Edition Graphics

Total Made: 100 Pair

Public Release: January 15, 2021

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The Artwork

J Mascis x J Collab

It's a huge honor to be collaborating on a ski graphic with J Mascis, lead singer, song writer and guitarist of the legendary band Dinosaur Jr! In the early 90’s we’d listen Dinosaur Jr while skating because it would get us stoked after hearing their songs in skate videos. They’re credited as being some of the early pioneers of indie and alternative rock, though we just knew them as badass.

The artwork on this ski comes from Dinosaur Jr's “Where You Been” and “Without a Sound” album covers. Fun Fact: Neil Blender, pro skater at the time, actually created the artwork used on the cover of “Without a Sound."  Local Western Mass artist and musician, Angry Johnny, did the "Where You Been?" artwork. 

Our designer made a play on the old “Listen To [insert big name band]” as a joke since Dinosaur Jr has always represented the opposite attitude. When you see someone flying through the air with these bases, you know the soundtrack playing in their head...

The best part of this collaboration is that J Mascis has been a die-hard skier his whole life! He lives in Amherst, MA and skis in Southern VT. Take a close look if you see these skis on the slopes because it might just be J riding them! ⁠

I’m only building 100 pair of these Limited Edition skis, each individually hand-signed and numbered. This legendary collab will be in high demand and sell out fast, so if you’re a fan of J & J make sure you grab a pair before they’re gone!

Follow on Instagram J Masics and Dinosaur Jr and check out their latest releases at and for a quick trip back to 1989 here's a classic skate seg

The Masterblaster™

125 - 96 - 114

Powerful, ultra responsive precision on firm snow that's equally fun & playful beyond the groomers

We redesigned our #1 selling all-mountain ski ”The Masterblaster'' with a new, wider 99mm waist and slightly increased rocker. The result nails the sweet spot of freeride performance by enhancing soft snow playfulness, while providing firm snow precision and responsiveness for ripping everything on the mountain without compromise. Our proven light titanal-laminate construction enables power and stability where you need it, while keeping swing-weight low and maneuverability high. This new ski has the same rebellious frontside attitude you’ve come to expect from “The Masterblaster,” now with a bigger sweet spot that begs to take the road less traveled!


The Masterblaster In The Wild

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This Ski is Kind of a Big Deal

"The Masterblaster offers a rare combination of excellent suspension + forgiving flex pattern + general 'playfulness' to make it fun even when you're not pushing super hard."

Blister Best of 20/21


Freeskier Mag Editors' Pick 2021

Don't be fooled by The Masterblaster's new-school roots, these can show every skier a good time.

SKI Mag Official Selection 2021

If you place a priority on stability and suspension, but also want your ski to perform well in softer conditions, The Masterblaster is a great options.

Blister Best Of 19/20

"Great for someone looking for a quiver-killer that can charge with the best of them."

Freeskier Mag Editors' Pick 2020

"The Masterblaster made me feel like the fastest skier ...

Powder Magazine Skier's Choice 2020

It is an excellent ski that has become a favorite of ours since it provides good stability in variable conditions, while also being more playful than the skis in this section that offer a similar level of stability and suspension.

Blister Best Of 18/19

"It loves to be up on edge laying trenches, but the rocker profile helps it's surfiness. An absolute blaster...

Freeskier Mag Editors' Pick 2019

"If 'fun' was a test category, The Masterblaster would top the chart. The dual metal laminate a...

SKI Mag Official Selection 2019

the finest materials

By selling these skis factory direct to you, we're able to invest more money into using the highest quality materials possible for a game-changing level of premium performance & durability.


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Length 161cm 168cm 175cm 181cm 187cm
Dimensions 125-96-114mm 125-96-114mm 125-96-114mm 125-96-114mm 125-96-114mm
Sidecut Radius 14.7mm 15.8mm 16.9mm 18mm 19.1mm
Weight Per Ski 1830g 1920g 1990g 2169g 2240g
Effective Edge 1300mm 1370mm 1440mm 1500mm 1560mm
Camber 4mm 4mm 4mm 4mm 4mm
Rocker Height Tip / Tail 2.25 / 2mm 2.5 / 2mm 2.75 / 2mm 3 / 2mm 3.25 / 2mm
Tip / Tail Length 360 / 265mm 370 / 270mm 380 / 375mm 390 / 280mm 400 / 285mm
Tip / Tail Height 60 / 35mm 60 / 35mm 60 / 35mm 60 / 35mm 60 / 35mm
Boot from Center N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Boot from Tail 725mm 780mm 815mm 850mm 880mm

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