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The Masterblaster is quick and precise like you’d expect from a 96mm waisted all-mountain ski, yet has a unique split personality that’s also incredibly fun and playful when you take it into fresh snow. I designed the tip with a subtle amount of rocker to help you float with ease in the pow and tight trees, yet maintain 100% edge engagement on firm snow. When you roll it over, the entire edge length is in contact with the snow, including the tip rocker to maximize grip - you get a predictable, solid, smooth and stable feel, instilling incredible confidence at high speeds. Its “Light Metal” Titanal laminate & maple wood core construction provides race-like power and precision, even on ice. From the steeps to the trees, bumps, and untracked corduroy, you’ll appreciate this ski’s one-of-a-kind versatility, laying down high-speed, hip dragging carves on the way to the lift like you’re racing toward an Olympic gold medal.

I'm proud to be collaborating for the first time with artist Elyse Dodge. Born in BC Canada, Elyse grew up surrounded by mountains, and raised by an artist she always had a paintbrush in her hand.

We've had a lot of incredible mountain scape paintings on our skis over the years and this one really stand out. Elyse's unique style of transforming natures shapes and shadows into abstract, yet precise geometric shapes of bright, bold colors is very unique. Look closely and you'll only see simple shapes, then step back and an entire landscape reveals itself. Enjoy getting sucked into this alternate simplified world.

This painting is of the legendary "Cerro Torre", a narrow finger of rock off the Southern Patagonian Ice Field on the border of Chile and Argentina. Although it rises to an altitude of only 10,262 feet, Cerro Torre has been called the most beautiful mountain on earth, as well as one of the most difficult to climb.

Blemish skis are brand new, however have a cosmetic defect in the graphic for example a small part of the top or base graphic is slightly off center or there is a gentle scuff that happened during handling at the factory. These cosmetic blemishes have no effect on the ski's performance or durability and most of the time you won't even be able to see the graphic defect. Sorry but I can NOT find out what the specific blemish is on a particular ski, it would be too time consuming, you likely won't even notice it yourself.

All skis are guaranteed to perform 100% and are backed by my standard 100% money back guarantee.

  • Prodeal discounts can not be used for purchase of this product because I'd lose money selling you these skis and go out of business thus not be able to make skiing great again leading to the demise of the sport thus ski resorts shutting down and replaced by coal mines that create dirty energy spewing too much pollution into the air leading to the eventual self extinction of the human race. You know what I'm saying?


$499.00 $666.00