Limited Edition Skis

YUP! These skis are the best in the world. No, seriously.. they are!

I've been pioneering game-changing, award-winning skis for over 25 years and these are my best skis yet! All ski models are unisex, and available in a variety of Limited Edition graphics that I hand sign and number so you own a one-of-a-kind ski. Once a graphic sells out it's gone forever, so grab yours now!
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These 3 models grip it and rip it with powerful precision and all-mtn freeride reliability. Choose our narrowest quickest model, The Fastforward if you spend most of your time on the groomers. Go with The Masterblaster as your SUV if you're looking for 50% groomed / 50% powder versatility. Drop in on The Hotshot for maximum horsepower and float when charging the steepest and deepest terrain.


All 3 skis in this collection feature effortless maneuverability and a playful, all mountain freestyle feel. Choose our narrowest option, The Joyride for the most nimble firm snow performance. Go with The Allplay for additional width and float, or choose The Vacation if you enjoy a wider platform or want a surfy ski for deeper days.


Search out and float in powder with ease. These lighter skis require less effort so you can have more fun on the way up, AND down. Choose The Escalator for shredding resort groomers to boot deep pow. Go with The Slacker for spending even more time in pow, and The Friend for surfing the deepest days.


They’re baaaaaaack…. these Team Skibladezzz! will soon be your favorite secret weapon for doing every trick you wish you were good enough to do on your regular skis, with half the effort, while looking twice as good!!!