Limited Edition Skis

Limited Edition Skis

YUP! These skis are the best in the world. No, seriously.. they are!

I've been pioneering game-changing, award-winning skis for over 25 years and these are my best skis yet! All ski models are unisex, and available in a variety of Limited Edition graphics that I hand sign and number so you own a one-of-a-kind ski. Once a graphic sells out it's gone forever, so grab yours now!
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The Fastforward

92mm Waist
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Calling all Corduroy Killers! This NEW model is the quickest and grippiest J ski ever made for ripping icy groomers and blasting bumps and fresh snow 

The Masterblaster

99mm Waist
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Re-designed this season to be as powerful as it is playful, equally confident railing groomers as it is blasting through powder and chop

The Hotshot

106mm Waist
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A badass freeride ski with smooth power and playful float that instills confidence to conquer any terrain

The Joyride

90mm Waist
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This new shred stick makes skiing more fun, with less effort, for more skiers!

The Allplay

98mm Waist
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One ski that does it all turning park, powder & all-mtn terrain into your personal playground

The Vacation

104mm Waist
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A wide ski with a soft, playful flex for throwing tricks all over the mountain, from the park to the powder

The Escalator

102mm Waist
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The Escalator is easy up, easy down… you CAN have your cake and eat it too!

The Slacker

110mm Waist
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A lighter ski that also charges hard, making it the least nerdy touring ski in the world

The Friend

117mm Waist
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Effortlessly surf and play in powder with versatility to charge hard and blast through chop