Future skis!

You're on the J skis TEAM mailing list, so you're getting early access to all of next season's Limited Edition J skis below, before the public. I'm literally giving you a head start so you can get the award-winning ski you want, in the size you want, before they sell out... welcome to the future! 

Quantities are even more limited than years past due to the factory shutting down for a month for COVID-19. Do not wait because skis will sell out fast.

THE MASTERBLASTER: Cerro Torre / Glitch
THE ALLPLAY: Stacked / Peacekeeper
THE VACATION: We Are Not Alone
THE HOTSHOT: Nocturnal Daydream / Trutta
THE SLACKER: Uphill Both Ways / First Tracks
THE FRIEND: Moondogs   THE MAX: Greaser