Rip in Pieces


It's a bad day to be a rail when J skis team (Kalle Bogren, Jonathan Eklund, Joel Magnusson) roll through the streets. Watch the Suéde crew tear up the streets and backcountry of Sweden and Findland in new drop 'Rip in Pieces.' There’s no better time to relax with a cold can and watch their 20 minute masterpiece than a Friday at 12:00! I’m sure your boss will understand.


A video by Suéde from season 2020 in Sweden & Finland. Made possible by true friendship and much dedication within a shitty little white minibus going trough the country.

In order of appearance: Kalle Bogren, Benjamin Carlund, Anton Linden, Jonathan Eklund, Oliver Karlberg, Joel Magnusson, Felix Pettersson, Emil Granbom, Fredrik Fredlund, Vilmer Ivarsson, Måns Bertz Wågström

Principal filming by Emil Larsson.