New line of J Toilet Paper!

Today "J Ski Company" announced that it would be repurposing raw materials typically used in the production of alpine ski cores for a new line of toilet paper.

J skis owner and founder Jason Levinthal says, "It just makes sense! Now that skiing has been canceled for Spring we no longer have a need for the same quantity of wood ski cores that were already produced to go into next year's skis. Instead of just letting them sit on the shelf collecting dust we're going to repurpose them into rolls of toilet paper.

This is the first toilet paper in the world made from 100% North Eastern forests. The same properties that make Maple and Aspen the ideal wood for ski cores translates perfectly into toilet paper, as well. My family and employees have been rigorously testing this TP over the past week and couldn't be more excited with the quality of the product. It's totally rip proof so you'll never poke through and our high-definition digital printing allows us to put fun and Limited Edition graphics on every sheet just like our skis."

Beginning immediately, Utopie MFG, the Rimouski, QC factory that builds J skis, will also be producing 1,000+ rolls of JTP™️ per week. Utopie is one of the top ski factories in the world and it's expected that their TP will be amongst some of the most sought after on the market, alongside the likes of Charmin and Seventh Generation.

Jason summed it up perfectly, "Skiing comes and goes with the seasons, but butt wiping never stops! I have over four decades of experience using Toilet Paper and am proud to be able to offer some of the best on the market. JTP™️ will be available exclusively on and start shipping next week, so place your pre-orders now!"

Levinthal also added, "I'm not done skiing, I'm just done relying on the seasonality of the Winter sports business, whereas this is something everyone can make use of all day, every day, world wide, regardless if it snows or not."