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  • J team athlete Derek Simpson (@iiceberg.simpson) season park edit from his first year on Js! Derek is a butter masta with crazy tech rail tricks that will bust your brain. He skied 70+ days in parks all over Utah and Colorado rocking the #JAllplaySki and is still on his first pair!

    Get the most durable, fun park skis on the market:

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    I'm only building 150 pairs of this new "Boss" Limited Edition graphic on my ultra light, snappy, versatile Whipit ski. In the words of Rick Ross, "I don't make skis, baby, I make magic." - THE BOSS

     In the words of Rick Ross, "I don't make skis, baby, I make magic." - THE BOSS

    David Hale is one of today's most respected and talented tattoo artists. Fans wait months, even years for a chance to decorate their body with his masterpieces. I’m honored to be collaborating with David to release this new Limited Edition “Skyfather” collection of skis, artwork and clothing.

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    Only 150 pairs made of this funnest, poppiest most buttery ski on the market now in this Limited Edition graphic. Think Houdini's the only one that can make things disappear? After years of research and development working in conjunction with an ultra top secrete blue book military sophisticated invisible cloak technology project I have finally created... THE INVISIBLE SKI!

    *Disclaimer: This really is an invisible ski.


    Ahmet's Brother AKA Giray Dadali shredding last season's steep and deep at Snowbird on his bro model Vacation ski. #dropcliffsnotbombs

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    I'm only building 150 of this new "Scavenger" Limited Edition graphic on my new, award-winning Masterblaster ski! I engineered it with ultra quick race-like handling and precision, yet a unique split personality that’s also incredibly fun and playful when you get it off trail.

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    Do you really need an explanation for this graphic? Obviously Ollie the cat was exploring space when he got into a little trouble on the planet Zewrugart when he stumbled upon the Cosmic Octopus! It was quite the struggle but he got through it and returned safely to earth. Only 150 pairs made of this Limited Edition graphic on the ski that's fun wherever you take it. 

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    This ski has won every magazine test it's entered because it's the most fun you can have going fast. Only 150 pairs made in this Limited Edition graphic. Smoke 'em if yah got 'em.

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    You asked for it! Introducing the Saga x J collaboration. Saga has always been one of my favorite outerwear brands, doing things different and in it for all the right reasons. Back in the day, one of Saga's founders, Austin Stevens, created a random doodle of a burger (while rehabbing a skiing knee injury) that launched their ongoing fast food theme. For this Limited Edition collection we put fast food, social media and skis in a blender and out came this! 


    Support your two favorite things in skiing with this Limited Edition ski collaboration between J and Jerry of the Day. Only 150 pairs made on this award-winning park ski that rips up the entire mountain. RESPECT THE SEND.

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    Pay your respects to Mother Nature and all her little critters! Only 150 pairs made of this Limited Edition graphic on the park ski that floats like a pow ski and crushes groomers like a race ski. Have more fun on the Allplay!

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    "SUCH IS LIFE". . . the famous last words of legendary Australian outlaw Ned Kelly before his execution in 1880.

 When I first heard the story of his home-made bullet proof iron suit I couldn’t believe it. The more I learned, the deeper I got pulled in, driving me to create this limited edition graphic ski, skateboard, teeshirt and stickers to highlight this controversial story. 

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    This understated, badass new black and white graphic says it all without saying a word. I'm only building 100 of this Limited Edition "Lightning" graphic on my buttery, poppy, all around super fun park ski. They'll be gone in a flash!

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    There’s a reason Steve Stepp is the most admired man in skiing, he’s quite simply . . . “Figured it out”. What he’s figured out, we don’t know, but watch his rediculously hilarious "TROLLIN" webisode and you'll understand there's nothing to understand, it's just skiing. . . and his videos are the funniest in the game! For more laughs and mind blowing antics follow @stevestepp on Instagram.

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    True Level 1 fans know the story behind each element in this ski's graphic and it's contribution toward the progression of modern day skiing. Learn about each element of this ski's graphic story. Only 100 build of this Limited Edition graphic on my award-winning park ski that crushes all over the mountain. 

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    Back by popular demand, I'm doing another collaboration with artist Adam Haynes. Last year's Friend "Pillows" skis sold out in only 10 weeks so I really wanted to give skiers another chance to own one of his amazing works of art on a ski. Only 100 made of this Limited Edition graphic on the ski that's won every magazine test it's entered. 

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    Ahmet's Brother is a fan of old ski movies, so we worked together to dial in a retro throwback to vintage posters that defined the beginnings of skiing's modern age. Only 100 made of this Limited Edition ski graphic on my ultra-fun powder ski that jibs like a park ski and floats in powder with ease. 

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    It’s not every day that the United States military announces that it is going to change all of its uniforms to a single camouflage pattern, but just this June that’s exactly what happened. Rock this brand-new pattern years before the troops get it on the powder ski that will transport you to you own skiing paradise. Only 100 pairs made. 

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    Inspired by A Simpler Time, the "Native" Was ski graphic hand drawn by my friend Fank. Then he scanned the art & integrated it into a pattern inspired from native woven blankets. Only 100 pairs made in this Limited Edition graphic on the most versatile powder ski on the market. 

  • Ned Kelly tearing the park up on a JSK8 deck for Go Skate Day 2016.
  • Jason assembling & pressing J skis at the factory.
  • Jason working in the factory to shape wood core for skis.
  • Jason shaping & tuning J skis at the factory.
  • Jason in the factory digitally printing J skis' ultra-high definition ski graphics.
  • Jason cutting J skis molds in the factory.
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    I’m beyond stoked to be collaborating with legendary hip hop MC, Masta Killa of the Wu-Tang Clan to create this Limited Edition graphic. We hand illustrated the art inspired by the song “Da Mystery of Chess Boxin” on the Wu’s debut album “Enter Wu-Tang 36 Chambers”. In their honor I’m building only 136 pair! Order your pair now, they’ll sell out fast! #JWhipitSki Grab his new single The Return of The Masta Kill


    skier: Gabe Taube // video: Jake Strassman // editing: Aidan Cameron

  • Breaking news in Vermont! . . . "It's cold, nothing bad happened, this dude makes skis!"