Jason in the factory digitally printing J skis' ultra-high definition ski graphics.

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  • You're in the lift line. On the opposite side is one of those Blue, Red, and Silver shiny helmets. But who could it be?? Johnny? T Rice?! screw it, you can do better. Where's your helmet? "The Helmet" is a status symbol that has come to determine one's ability to excel in the action sports industry. It is this pinnacle of rad that is sought after. Chasing the Red Bull is a prolonged path down the rabbit hole for one maddened skier.

    Filming By: Ross Downard, Greg Bej and Chris Segal
    Produced By: Giray Dadali

    Ahmet's Brother's "Welcome to the World of Red Bull" video!
  • A short powder skiing film featuring J skis athlete Jake Little and friends during the 2020 ski season at Mount Baker Ski Area, Washington. Filmed and edited by Grady Haskell.
    Short powder skiing film featuring Jake Little
  • Jason Levinthal talks with Jonathan Ellsworth of BLISTER Gear Review about ski touring and the prospect of making a J touring ski.

    Then, on the BLISTER Gear:30 podcast Jonathan and Luke Koppa give their first impressions of the all-new J touring ski, The Slacker, as well as dive deep into our marketing calling this the "least nerdy touring ski on the market."

    It's a hilarious conversation with strong ski industry opinions and tons of leaks into our new 20/21 skis that release July 30th.

    Sneak peek with Blister at our brand-new Slacker ski!
  • Sneak peek of the brand-new J Hotshot ski! The Hotshot is a new ski that replaces The Metal as the most unabashedly badass ski in our line, built for getting rad.

    Available on July 30th, 2020

    Sneak peek of the brand-new J Hotshot ski!
  • From Audrey: "Super happy to have been able to get some street clips this season after tearing my ACL last year. Super thankful for all of the people I’ve met while being out in Colorado, so many amazing memories."
    Audrey's 2020 street part from her first year in Colorado!
  • NBC 5 News interviewed founder of J skis, Jason Levinthal and Jake Caggige on the platform they created called Maker Exchange. If you're a hospital or essential worker in need of PPE, or a maker with the ability to build products learn how you can get involved to help save lives here:
    Jason Levinthal talks to NBC News about his platform, Maker Exchange
  • Today "J Ski Company" announced that it would be repurposing raw materials typically used in the production of alpine ski cores for a new line of toilet paper.

    J skis owner and founder Jason Levinthal says, "It just makes sense! Now that skiing has been canceled for Spring we no longer have a need for the same quantity of wood ski cores that were already produced to go into next year's skis. Instead of just letting them sit on the shelf collecting dust we're going to repurpose them into rolls of toilet paper.

    This is the first toilet paper in the world made from 100% North Eastern forests. The same properties that make Maple and Aspen the ideal wood for ski cores translates perfectly into toilet paper, as well. My family and employees have been rigorously testing this TP over the past week and couldn't be more excited with the quality of the product. It's totally rip proof so you'll never poke through and our high-definition digital printing allows us to put fun and Limited Edition graphics on every sheet just like our skis."

    Beginning immediately, Utopie MFG, the Rimouski, QC factory that builds J skis, will also be producing 1,000+ rolls of JTP™️ per week. Utopie is one of the top ski factories in the world and it's expected that their TP will be amongst some of the most sought after on the market, alongside the likes of Charmin and Seventh Generation.

    Jason summed it up perfectly, "Skiing comes and goes with the seasons, but butt wiping never stops! I have over four decades of experience using Toilet Paper and am proud to be able to offer some of the best on the market. JTP™️ will be available exclusively on and start shipping next week, so place your pre-orders now!"

    Levinthal also added, "I'm not done skiing, I'm just done relying on the seasonality of the Winter sports business, whereas this is something everyone can make use of all day, every day, world wide, regardless if it snows or not."

    Watch the offical JTP launch commerical
  • J team athlete Justin "Juice" Kennedy (@get_juiced_) stomping a massive DOUBLE BACKFLIP on skiblades!
    Massive skibladezzz double backflip!
  • 2nd annual J office turkey dinner!
    Happy Thanksgiving 2019 from J skis!
  • Take a walk with Jason Levinthal through our Burlington, VT headquarters and meet the passionate team of skiers here to support you!
    Take a tour around our office in Burlington, VT
  • What happens when you bring a bunch of "professional ski bums" together for two weeks of testing next year's gear? Well, this of course! Thanks for the good times Powder and Freeskier magazines, can't wait to do it all again this Winter.⁠
    Behind the scenes at the two biggest gear guide tests of the year
  • I took some of the J band of misfits to Hood this past Summer for a few days of sunny shredding to test out new skis and get photos on our recently released 19/20 graphic line. We couldn't have had better weather and the vibes stayed ski high the entire weekend. 
    Recap edit from out team trip to Mt Hood!
  • J athlete Chris Goodhue took me sled skiing at Fairy Lake in Montana
    Sled skiing in MT with Chris Goodhue
  • Ahmet's Brother and the brotherhood go toe to toe with the evil empire Yellow Jackets - watch the video to see how it all shakes out!

    Animation created by: Chelsy Harten, Pow Day Ski Art Studio 
    Follow Chelsy on Instagram: @cheslysdreamin

    Giray takes on the evil empire!
  • Team Skibladezzz MVPs Josh, Nicky B, and Wyatt hold it down at Snowbowl in Flagstaff, Arizona.
    Best bladezzz edit you'll see all day!
  • After narrowly avoiding being cut by the network, the Heart of Skiing film crew is back to tape another season. Zane makes his return from an unsuccessful run at Superunknown and his pursuits to join the Bunch seem to not be paying off. Controversy runs high as Zane starts rocking a yellow vest the same day Magnus loses his.
    Zane Kushman faces off with Magnus Granier
  • "After graduating this December, I figured this winter would be my opportunity to truly ski bum before 'growing up', whatever that means. Freedom from an undergraduate course load and a part time job has provided ample time to slide on snow and it couldn’t be sweeter." - Chris Goodhue

    Chris is a recent graduate of Montana State University, currently living in Bozeman and skiing Bridger Bowl every day of the week. Chris has been riding Js for 3 seasons now and makes his quiver of the Metal and Friend skis, mounted with a CAST system binding.

    A quick rundown of January in MT for Chris Goodhue
  • I surprised my crew at the office with a full blown turkey dinner!
    Happy Thanksgiving 2018 from J skis!
  • For those who prefer softer landings... Alex Mager edited Giray's dreamiest shots surfing Merica's best powder destinations from Utah, Mount Baker and White Water last season shot by Alex and Ahmet Dadali.
    For those who prefer softer landings...
  • J team athlete Derek Simpson (@iiceberg.simpson) season park edit from his first year on Js! Derek is a butter masta with crazy tech rail tricks that will bust your brain. He skied 70+ days in parks all over Utah and Colorado rocking the #JAllplaySki and is still on his first pair!

    Derek Simpson's 19/20 Season Edit
  • This is how we build the best skis in the world! Made right here in North America at Utopie MFG by a badass team of hard-working Canadian craftsmen.
    Take a tour around our ski factory with Jason Levinthal
  • "My winter segment from this year is live online. Lots of ups and downs went into making this happen. From learning how to snowmobile, going broke over and over again and having one of my best childhood friends living on the floor in my room it was nothing short of insane. To everyone that helped shovel, helped film, helped provide stoke, helped teach me how to sled (and get it unstuck) I can’t thank you enough. Wouldn’t trade any of it for the world.

    Also, I want to personally thank Jason Levinthal and J skis for believing in me. Nothing short of a dream come true.

    And lastly the biggest thank you to my brotha Bobby Stevenson for filming this year, editing this and posting it online for me while I’m up fishing in AK.

    See ya next winter!

    Cheers, Jake"
    Experience powder heaven in Jake Little's 17/18 season edit
  • Inventor of the twin-tip ski, Jason Levinthal, tells his story about what it took to change the sport of skiing forever!

    Jason Levinthal is the founder of LINE skis, FULL TILT boots, J skis and owner of 4FRNT ski company. As a pioneer in the modern ski industry, Levinthal has pioneered unique marketing and design and sales practices within his field. In addition, Jason took home the bronze medal in The Winter X Games' first-ever slopestyle skiing event in 1998.

    This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.
    Jason Levinthal's TEDx Talk on why nobody needs more of the same thing
  • They ain't skis! Not snowboards or noboards, or even skiboards!!! They're skibladezzz!!!! Your new secrete weapon of choice for doing every trick you wish you were good enough to do on your regular skis, with half the effort, while looking like twice the Jerry!!!​
    Welcome to Team Skibladezzz!
  • Going for a quick ski tour with J athlete Chris Goodhue at History Rock just outside of Bozeman, MT.
    Touring with Chris Goodhue in Montana

    Ahmet's Brother AKA Giray Dadali shredding last season's steep and deep at Snowbird on his bro model Vacation ski. #dropcliffsnotbombs

  • Ned Kelly tearing the park up on a JSK8 deck for Go Skate Day 2016.
  • Jason assembling & pressing J skis at the factory.
  • Jason working in the factory to shape wood core for skis.
  • Jason shaping & tuning J skis at the factory.
  • Jason in the factory digitally printing J skis' ultra-high definition ski graphics.
  • Jason cutting J skis molds in the factory.
  • Breaking news in Vermont! . . . "It's cold, nothing bad happened, this dude makes skis!"