Ana Eyssimont GoPro Winter 2021

"My approach to winter and life in general is to have zero expectations. While I was slowly driving up the canyon in a storm I had the same attitude about fresh thigh deep turns, as I did driving up in the blazing sunlight after a two-week long drought. For me, it is not really about the conditions, it's more about the mindset, and it's always good enough on a bad day. Anyways, it was glamorous. Here’s an edit with a lot of the same :)

I can attribute a lot of the goals I reached and mountains I climbed to the J Skis I was on this past winter. The HotShots were a ski that would take me all over the resort in any condition: chucky bumpy stuff, powder, dust on crust, hard pack, slush, it didn’t matter I was always confident and in control, which was a feeling I had never experience fully on a pair of skis before. The confidence alone was enough to push me to the next level as a big mountain skier.

I started going uphill more this year too, and I never stopped obsessing over the Slacker. Every time I was with new people I would make them hold these 110mm underfoot 182cm long skis to show them how lightweight they were. I couldn’t believe I was on a downhill ski that felt like nothing on my feet on the uphill. I skied a lot of BC and two classic descents on the Slacker and have plans to do many more with the same pair.

There is a reason professional hockey players use a certain cut of blade for their skates and have the perfectly angled curve for their sticks, it's because the smallest details matter. Both of these skis offer the small little details that have made the biggest difference in my ability to ski. It's wild what the right equipment can do for an athlete…" - Ana Eyssimont, J skis athlete

Ana skis the #JHotshotSki and #JSlackerSki

Hotshot ➡️
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