Digging through the archives at the Saga Outerwear Center from World Domination we uncovered the FINAL PAIR of the J x Saga collab #JWhipitSki and are giving it away to one of you for FREE! On August 11th I'll randomly choose one lucky person that signs up below to win a pair of these skis and announce it on Instagram. Follow @J_skis to see if you win!

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  • Eating and skiing HUGE are my thing. This is a perfect summation

    Dan Cho on
  • Skiing is neat

    Cait on
  • I’m broke… so that’s dope

    Kevin Lund on
  • I wanna be steez master and In 20 years be able to show my kids these skis and tell them I got these skis when I skis was little company. I shred and need new skis cuz mine snapped. I live in Utah so shipping won’t be far. But honestly I need these skis more than anyone if you give me them i will tell everyone to buy saga and j skis cuz they are the best in my honest opinion. So basically the radius of the sun is 4.2947382 so that means u should give me the skis

    Nick Lefevre on
  • It would be soooo nice! Thanks for the contest!

    Julien on
  • I know i’m from Austria but i whould pay the shipping taxes instantly????‍♂️ oh i just read that there is free shipping? sorry my fault, Hawedere (means bye in Austria)

    Josef Margreiter on
  • Would love to have theese to sennnnndddddd it!!!!! This season

    SHane sIms on
  • I love j skis AND saga I hope i win so much!!!

    Durham on
  • Just purchased “The Metal”. Hope I win this too. My son wants some J’s too.

    Chuck on
  • These skis are so cool! I’ve been riding these tiny old rosignols and I can barely ride them anymore. Hope I win!

    Johnny on
  • On man, I am in desperate need of new skis ? and these are soooooo dope!! Love all my SAGA gear!

    Pj Christensen on
  • Did my boy Abraham Cain ski them

    Miles on
  • These would be so dope for my season in St Anton !

    Louis on
  • These skis are sick!!! Maybe i wont have to rent this year?

    David on
  • Just tryna get sauced and get huge on IG

    Carson Halterman on
  • These skis are sick I’d pop dubs off everything if I had them plus j skis are top of the line one of the best brands you can get also love saga rep it everyday on the hill

    Wolfgang on
  • those would be cool on this old dude.

    mark on
  • My skis are to small so i hope that i can Get those awsome skis

    Amund on
  • These skis made me instantly better at skiing than Steve.

    Mitch Canty on
  • I’ve always been kinda small on the gram so i mean if these skis can help me with that would be dope. Honestly they’re so nice its cool you guys are doing a giveaway.

    Sam Byerly on
  • Duuuude i live in Canada and we got some freaking snow 8month year so skiing is the thing

    Shayne on
  • I’m from NZ have always loved skiing and was gonna buy a new pair but saw this so might hold up. Hang loose ✌️

    Oliver on
  • Sweet skis

    Jake on
  • Maaan, skiing has always been my passion and when I saw one of my skiing Idols riding the Tropic Thunders i have been looking forward to buying a pair of J’s but I have not been able to because they are out of my price range by quite a bit so hopefully this giveaway will give me a chance to ride one of the illest ski brand. I’m just now starting to learn more advanced tricks like more flips, 270 onto rails, large spins off, swaps and it would be awesome if I could be riding J’s and Saga while doing it and introducing J skis to others.

    Reece Plotts on
  • I’ve been following j skis for a few years now. I missed my chance to buy this whip it and I’ve regretted it ever since :( I would be beyond psyched to get these! Had to take the chance. Jason- these truly are the work of a masta

    Will McCall on

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