Out of 16,023 entries, the power of random selection, good luck, and the force lead us to the winner of these amazing new Limited Editions Jerry Of The Day skis... Congratulations LAURA OBERMEYER!!!
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  • I Can’t wait to win these. I’ve been saving up and my FSA, flexible sending account, is maxed out.

    Pat Bateman on
  • Boy if i win these I’m going to have to go to the post office cause I gotta send some s**t

    Samuel Colvin on
  • Just started skiing. There hasn’t been a trail that I’ve been on the I haven’t gone full send on

    Mike Bonafine on
  • really want to kick a$$ on ur skis would love to show these bad boys off and amuse my friends like your page amuses me :-)

    Scottie Loughery on
  • These would be the perfect pair of skis for me since i injuried myself 5 seasons straight

    Michael Winterson on
  • Oi guys chill. You gotta respect the send

    MIchael on
  • Most awsome skis ever!!!

    MArtin on
  • Ski patroller who would gladly send it with the all mighty Jerrys on duty with these skis

    Rob on
  • I just want to win the skis please ☺

    Anders Sörbye on
  • Definite love the design?would be great for Utah and getting towed by a horse?

    Skylar Sextro on
  • I’m a ski instructor and these would be hilarious to teach on.

    Alec on
  • Love this company more than life. These skis would just be one more reason to spread the hype of the j skis fam. Class a hype man hyped on your microbrew company! Hook a brotha up!

    Mitch Kirkpatrick on
  • I always send it or go home! These skis would definitely be a big help!.

    Tyson on
  • Jerry of the Day videos are AMAZING!! There always a great option to kick back at the end of the day and watch a few. Thanks for posting (:

    Matthew on
  • Snowboarder of 12 years, will be re-learning how to ski on these bad boys so be ready to call me Jerry. Rep MT backcountry!

    Kiera on
  • My favorite quotes from Jerrys would have to be “I only live that double black diamond life.” Or another Jerry screaming “MOUNTAIN RULES!!!” Just before getting hit in the face with a snowball in the middle of sending a jump and then face planting into the snow.

    Evan Hildreth on
  • Dreaming of shredding and sending on these bad boys?

    Carson on
  • Stoked I saw this! Buckled my skis today while boosting down the slopes. Will probably get some new Black Crows here in Telluride. Send is life

    Matt on
  • As the team-voted jerry of the year, these skis yearn to send alongside me. Things would get hairy and #sendy at Montana Snowbowl!

    Silas on
  • If I win these skis I will take a picture of me reinacting all the pictures of jerry! On the jerry skis! it will be jerryception (Feat. J skis of course)…….. really tho please pic me!!!

    Daniel Cameron on
  • Fully sent

    Reid on
  • lol I love these skis! These are great and awesome skis! I would love to have the chance to try out and have your jerry of the day skis for the first time!! I love it and I hope I win!! Good luck to all!!

    Noah on
  • If I win these skis I will make sure to spend more time in the air than on the snow.

    Luca St Goar on
  • If I win I’ll legally change my name to Jerry

    Kevin McMahon on
  • If I win these skis, I will send it in the name of jerry

    Rydin Audett on

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