On Monday, October 29th I randomly selected Ryan Cigler, a lucky skier out of Bridger Bowl, Montana to win a new pair of J skis, LOOK bindings and unbreakable J poles. 



  • Oh heck ya! Thanks J!

    Lucky Weiner on
  • These skis are awesome

    Tom Leyde on
  • Love cross country,

    Sharon Thurston on
  • Thanks for the chance.

    Mary H on
  • I did NOT receive the e-mail confirmation for entering & signing up for e-mails.

    Terry on
  • You guys rock

    Kwangnam Kim on
  • I didn’t get the email confirmation… Am I still registered?

    Jaison on
  • Thank you for the opportunity to win!

    Shayna on
  • Great Ski. Great Entrepreneur. Thanks Jason

    Wesley Rumball on
  • Would love to experience what everyone is talking about by starting a new season with new skiis!

    Kaia Rebane on
  • Yaaaah buddies! Hope to use your Skis in high Mountain skiing in chilean Andes and French Alps! Wauuuuuu

    Moises on
  • J skis are unreal. Makes every mountain look like a playground to me! Keep it up!

    Tommy on
  • J’lev knows best, all worship the king of the industry!

    Shredditor92 on
  • Would be so great to burn down Mountains in the European Alps with your dope Stuff! Need it! 🤩💥 ⛷

    The Martin on
  • Giray, I met you once when I worked at paradise bakery, I just said you’re that skier dude. I had long hair, a mustache and I’m tall, do you remember me?

    Bigpurpleskisuit on
  • It’s coming up on send SZN and I’m just a guy that’s bee skiing the same skis since 2013 and and a new set of fresh sticks would be beyond lit!! And all the boys call me J so it’s almost destiny!!!

    Jamison on
  • maybe i’ll be able to make the switch from my 2×4’s to some hot doggin jskis hehe see what I did there

    Ethan J on
  • I already Do Naked Backflips For The Boys would Be better with Some Fresh New J Skis Though 🙌

    Chris Bintz on
  • Skiing is my life passion and a new set up would be an unreal 20th birthday present. This winter I’m going to japan and a fresh set up would be so lit and I’d definitely advertise my set up all over social media.

    Jason Siaosi on
  • I’d kill to have a fresh pair of skis under my feet, anything but the rentals I’ve been using for years.

    Paul Kelso on
  • Skiing is my life!

    Nikola Stojanovic on
  • I wanna be the kid that everybody’s watching-
    Cause I got sickest planks on the white slopes.
    Then I’m going to show the skills to back up the hype.

    Johan on
  • Spread the stoke

    Dan McCarthy on
  • Best skis everything is said !

    Brockmann on
  • J-skis have been the illest in the game for a long time… And from then to now the nicest looking pair of planks and the nicest for all of the terrains.. whether it’s in the urban, fresh cord, big rails and even bigger jumps, and deep in the soft stuff. J-Skis is what u should have on the bottom of feet.

    Stefan on

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