Happy Thanksgiving from J skis!

I just wanted to say thank you!

From all of us at J skis here in Burlington, VT we want to extend a personal thank you to everyone who's supported J skis. It's not important whether you've purchased a ski from us or not, simply being a skier and going skiing is everything we can ask for. So thanks! For helping spread the stoke and inspiring future generations to enjoy skiing as much as we do.

Happy Thanksgiving, 'Merica! We'll see you on the slopes.


  • You guys are THE BEST!!! Makes me feel so proud and excited to have bought from such a legendary company held together by what seem to be absolute beauties!! Y’all are good people!!

    Ps. after that turkey carving I’m even MORE excited to get my new skibladezzz!! Can’t wait to ripppp it uppppp!

    Thanks Team! Big love!

    Erica RaczZz on
  • Love seeing the videos, pics and all the passion poured into a business AND its people. – LIVE TO SKI!!

    Curt’O on
  • I never thought buying a pair of skis would lead to a new family/club Happy Thankgiving
    Steve O

    Steve O on
  • Thanks for being who you are. Loved your Thanksgiving video. Thank you for being passionate about your work and bringing it to us the skiing public.

    Randy Bybee on

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