Snowbird Photoshoot

In late April the Team and I traveled to Utah for an epic spring skiing photoshoot at Snowbird Resort. It was awesome riding all of the NEW SKIS that we'll be releasing on August 1st!

This sneak peek is only available to you since you’re in the Crew, so please don’t share these pics with any civilians 🤐 Scroll down to feast your eyes on this exclusive *first look* at all the new graphics!

We’ll be releasing these to you on August 1st so mark your calendar!

20 new graphics fresh off the factory floor! Mounted up and ready to rip

The stoke is always so high on the first lift ride of the trip! Everyone was super hyped to see another Draplin ski in the lineup.

 Corduroy killer Sam Goodhue warming up the legs with some early morning carves on this psychedelic Masterblaster ski ⚔️

It didn't take long for the snow to soften up and these professional amateurs to start taking flight! Would you follow them?

Ski engineer mastermind Giray Dadali (aka Ahmet's Brother) showing us how it's done on this 360 cossack. Judges give it a perfect 1️⃣0️⃣!

Warning: snow snakes ahead! 🐍

Luckily, staff pharmacist Giray kept the people pain free. Rumor has it Jason's back is still sore... 2 months later 😂 

Line scouting: best done with friends! Lucky to have so many Snowbird locals on the team to show us East Coasters around!

Local skier / hot dog enthusiast Carol Carnage laying over a Fastforward ski on the steeps

Zach Ryan living up to the "drop cliffs, not bombs" mantra on a fishy looking Slacker ski

You can't après all day if you don't start in the morning! What category does Rainer fit into on the food pyramid tho 🤔 

High dins, low standards for Mike Hayes' Escalator ski graphic 🫡

Boss man J Lev proving he's still got it! 🤩 

Change My Mind: Ana Eyssimont has the most textbook backflip Snowbird's infamous "wave" has ever seen

Ana & Carol showing Giray & "Big Mountain Juice" how it's done 💪 

We were lucky to be joined by Skitar legend Britton Bonella! If you're looking for a rippin' 3-string guitar made our of recycled Js, he's your guy

Family photo 🫶 
Huge thanks to photographer Christopher Newett for these rad shots!