Ski Purchase Forgiveness Program

Ski Purchase Forgiveness Eligibility Window has Closed

Watch the video below and scroll down to see who won!!



1. Thomas Jones - Eagle, ID - Joyride "Yardsale" $649
2. Julia Pitz - Arvada, CO - Fastforward "Badlands" $769
3. Zachary Oakley - Castle Rock, CO - Fastforward "Badlands" $769
4. Hayden Robinson - Wheat Ridge, CO - Masterblaster "Moonchild" $799
5. Ian Forsland - Albany, NY - Vacation "Mallard" $749
6. Matt Grady - Lake Oswego, OR - Fastforward "Badlands" $769
7. Patrick St-Michel - Morin-Heighs, QC - Hotshot "Nevermore" $829
8. Griffin Hikson - Waterford Township, MI - Joyride "Yardsale" $649
9. Patrick Fromuth - Wilmington, DE - Allplay "Cosmos" $699
10. Jonathan Samter - South Salem, NY - Vacation "Meltdown" $749
11. Paul Ewing - Seekonk, MA - Joyride "Prism" $649
12. Brendan Fraiser - Walnut Creek, CA - Masterblaster "Thundercloud" $799
13. Joshua Schossler - College Station, TX - Allplay "Deuce" $699
14. Jacob Sullivan - Hood River, OR - Allplay "Deuce" $699

Total Ski Purchases Forgiven = 14 pairs of skis for $10,276! 



A government-backed (not really) relief program for skiers

The J skis Ski Purchase Forgiveness Program unanimously passed the House & Senate. Effective immediately, EVERY SKI ORDER placed by Midnight Thursday 11/3 is eligible for a chance to be refunded... meaning your new skis could be FREE!!

All you need to to do be eligible for this program is order skis during the 48-hour forgiveness window, all-day Wednesday & Thursday. No cumbersome applications, government loopholes or challenges in court! 

Tune in to this page Friday 11/4 at 3pm EST to see if your purchase is randomly chosen to be forgiven! We expect to refund between 12-15 pairs of skis, helping over a dozen skiers get on the slopes for free this season.

Order forgiveness deadline = Thursday 11/3 at Midnight EST


Does this cause inflation? Idk probably

Is this actually government-backed? No, we're doing this from our own pockets because everyone deserves fresh ski gear this season!

What happens if my order is chosen to be forgiven? We'll refund the amount you paid for your new skis, so you get them for free

How will you chose the winners? We'll input all orders placed during the Forgiveness Window into a randomizer, then refund them one by one until we've forgiven a total of $10,000 worth of ski purchases

What are my odds of being forgiven? The odds of being forgiven depend on how many orders are placed during the Forgiveness Window. We expect a roughly 1:10 shot of having your order refunded. 

Do I need to tune in to win? No! Anyone who orders during the Forgiveness Window is eligible to have their order refunded

What if I already ordered this season? Simply email your order number and a reason why your ski purchase should be forgiven to and we'll include it in the drawing with everyone who ordered during the forgiveness window. Orders placed prior to this season are not eligible.

Will you refund my entire order or just skis? Only skis qualify for the Ski Purchase Forgiveness Program

What if I buy more than one pair of skis? One pair of skis per customer is eligible to be forgiven... spread the love!

Will this make J skis go bankrupt? If $32 trillion is an acceptable National Debt I think we'll be okay

What do you want to tell Joe Byron right now? What's up baby, take me out to dinner