Prototyping New Skis

We had an insanely busy winter creating two completely new skis! The process of creating a ski involves a lot of dedicated skiers spending countless hours, over the course of the entire winter engineering, designing, testing, and revising until it performs exactly as we intended.👌🏼

Both The Joyride and The Escalator have now been fine-tuned to perfection and are ready to rip. Check out pics of our process below.

We’ll be releasing these to you on August 1st so mark your calendar!

It all starts with engineering, this is where pro-skier / super nerd Giray Dadali (aka Ahmet's Brother) uses CAD to turn our wildest ideas into reality!

Every round of prototyping consists of 6 variations. We don't look at any numbers until AFTER testing so we have unbiased opinions on which version skis the best 📈

Late night mounting = early morning testing!

Testing is always better with friends! The powder hounds from Ski The East came out to help us decide the final flex pattern of The Escalator

Bullet proof ice tested and approved ✔️

For every day testing on Vermont ice, Giray and the team also tested in Utah pow confirming the 102mm Escalator is easy up... AND down!

POV: it's too cold to take notes and you can't remember which revision was your favorite 😂

The 90mm Joyride required advanced testing from park legend Vinny Gagnier.

Quote: "my favorite ski I've ever ridden"

Two new models + over 20 new graphics dropping soon!
What are dem little skis fo?!?!