March 2021 News

March 2021 News

2 Days Off with Zach Ryan!

J skis athlete Zach Ryan is no stranger to absolutely maxing out his days off! With 2 consecutive days off from work, he made the drive from Summit County, Colorado to SLC, Utah. Fun day one in Big Cottonwood Canyon at Brighton Resort followed by an absolutely stellar day in Little Cottonwood Canyon with an all-time crew on all-time conditions. Skiers include: Madison Rose, Thorn Merrill, Tyler Wilkinson, Zach Ryan


Sasha Johnstone
Lacing up the bow & arrow at Aspen Big Air
⛷️ @pastajah 📸 @jputttt

Alyssa Parsons
Big sends into spring slush
⛷️ @snow_sun_alyssa 📸 @philmckenziephoto