And the winner is...

On September 27th, 2019 I randomly selected Orion Minty, a lucky skier and sunglass enthusiast from California to will the J x Pit Viper collab ski and a Full Turbo soft goods pack to match. Congrats Orion!



  • Massive send incoming

    Max on
  • Peace of art

    William Caron on
  • SEND IT!!!!!!!!!

    michael roberge on

    Daniel Dalton on
  • I will love so much try this at home in my Alps.
    Tanks Jason

    Bertrand de Beaupuy on
  • The dream kit :O

    Lounis R on
  • Win

    Luc on
  • Radical!!!

    Michael P on
  • I have subscribed to J-Skis on social media for the last few years and am envious of anyone who owns their skis! These are works of art, and from reviews I see they are the best in the mountains! It would literally be a dream to have a pair…saving my nickels for hopefully some day I can too be the envy. These Pit Vipers are crazy…reminds me of my teen years where pastels, mullets and onesys were king. Oh please be me!

    Dan Wincey on
  • This would be so great!! getting ski passes next payday after many years not being able to afford to. This would be a great opportunity. Thanks!

    Lauren Makaryk on
  • I have Vacations, Ahmet’s Brother, Metals and Friends. Can’t wait to add another set of J’s to my quiver. Best skis I have ever had

    matt grady on
  • Pulling the trigger soon. Getting me some Allplays🤙🏼

    Ryan Stevens My Husband on
  • Jason you are awesome! You know how to spread so much Stoke for skiing. I am so pumped for all the snow on the way!

    Cam on
  • Fresh snow, more on the way. Send some J skis and a smile will spread your way 😀❄️❄️

    Bob on
  • Just coming back to skiing after tearing my MCL (from skiing) and a hip replacement. I would love to have a J ski to feel secure on the slopes again. I
    have friends/ family that love it! Thank you for this opportunity.

    Catherine Harlin on
  • I’m a 67 year old born-again skier. Former professional. Love the testimonials. WANT J skis. Budget doesn’t allow the luxury. Midweek senior season pass is my found again love/peace/freedom. Hope I win!!!

    Henry Juckett on
  • Best page I’ve seen in years!!! Well played🍻😜🍻😜

    Ryan P Johnson on

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