How To Disrupt Your Own Industry

Business coach Andrew Silitoe (who, back in the late-90s, was the UK sales rep for LINE) went live with Jason to get the scoop on his beginnings in the ski industry 25 years ago all the way up through what we're doing differently at J now.

They talk about: 
- Going against a traditional market and revolutionize it
- How he built a personal brand using social media before anyone else
- Why your industry needs you to shake it up

"Jason completely changed the perception of the ski industry when he started his own ski company LINE Skis in his garage in 1995. He's worked relentlessly to progress the sport of skiing during the last 25 years, collaborating with the smartest engineers, most advanced factories and legendary pioneering athletes in the world... A few years ago he went back to his entrepreneurial roots and started this new ski company J, with a mission to do things different in skiing. He focused on creating the most innovative products by bringing them to market faster, real-time, at the speed of thought, in weeks, not years. . . thus years ahead of the competition." - Andrew Silitoe, Business Coach